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Reddit Is Planning A Weekend Revival For ‘Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam’

Tuesday 9th April 2013 by Shane O'Hare

A couple of weeks ago over on the Battlefield 3 subreddit, user Radarbeamer posted a depressing picture. An empty Bad Company 2: Vietnam server. The game that made him fall in love with the series.


Battlefield Vietnam

Now the game is only just two years old, and the entire community has vanished. Well a few guys over at the same subreddit have put together a Rejuvenation Weekend of sorts. Starting Friday the 19th and going until Monday morning, they are asking all fans of the mod to flood the servers on their respective platform and play the game!

If you’ve gotten this far and are asking “What the hell is this all about?” well let me bring you up to speed. Battlefield: Vietnam was the second game in the series, and it came out in 2004. It was one of the first games to take players into the Vietnam war, and is probably still one of the best. The guns, the vehicles and even the music was there. Players had the ability to turn on radios in the vehicles and cycle through period music. The best song had to be Flight of the Valkyries. Loading up a Huey and charging a beach, Apocalypse Now style was epic.

So come Winter 2010 and players of the wildly popular Bad Company 2 were greeted with a joyous announcement. DICE was releasing a Vietnam add on! New maps, new weapons and the same gritty environment from the past! It was awesome! I myself, consider Bad Company 2: Vietnam one of the best games in the series, if not THE best. That’s right, even beating out Battlefield 3. My favorite gaming moment was on Cao Son Temple. Playing as the US army, we had to push up from a small river village, past a temple and into Vietcong controlled docks. I was playing as a medic. The battle was so intense that I only fired my weapon once, and I missed! I racked up a total of 0 kills and 65 deaths. I got MVP of the game for my revive and healing skills.

So if you love awesome games then this is a no brainer! You can get Bad Company 2 on STEAM HERE! Grab the Vietnam Expansion HERE! Keep an eye out for the midweek madness, as Bad Company 2 was just on sale for $3!

So, saddle up and prepare for battle! See you on Steam!