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Reasons to Survive This Week 11/7/11

Monday 7th November 2011 by GeekscapeStaff

With two major game releases, this week quickly turns into the biggest gaming week of the year. Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim might double down on your hard earned dollar… but there’s still plenty left to vie for it in movies and comics (and not to mention a new Mario game on Sunday)! So how do we sift through it? Well, let’s put it in perspective of a zombie apocalypse.

If we lived in a Walking Dead style world, where each day was a fight for survival, and the option of giving up grows more and more appealing, what (on top of weapons, food and water) could you not live without? Let’s find out!


Shane O’Hare – Already Lives in an Apocalyptic Wasteland (aka Alaska)

This week is again all about games games and game. This Tuesday the 8th we got a stack of good shit. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. You can expect another great single player narrative this time around. Toss out all that bullshit that is multiplayer and you can easily find your $60 worth sitting in the single player campaign. Then we have Metal Gear Solid HD collection on the 360 and PS3. We get Metal Gear Solid 2 , 3 and Peace Walker all blown up in great HD. So forget the Black Eyed Peas experience and Champion Jockey.

William Bibbiani – Will Have to Outrun the Rest of Us

BLUE VELVET: You must buy this disc! Not only is Blue Velvet, one of David Lynch’s very best films (and that’s really saying something), finally out in high-definition, but this set includes over 50 minutes of footage from the film that had previously been considered lost to the ages. This is right up there with the spider pit footage from the original King Kong, people. Maybe it’ll suck, but at last we’ll finally know for sure. Either way, this is Lynch’s brilliant dissection of Americana, with murder, mutilation and sexual deviancy boiling right up to the surface when young suburbanite Kyle MacLachlan finds a severed ear in the park, which leads him to a bizarre kidnapping case involving a tortured Isabella Rossellini and Dennis Hopper at his most unhinged (again, saying something). MUST BUY!!!
DOCTOR WHO: SERIES SIX (PART 2): Some of us don’t have cable, so we haven’t seen the second half of the latest season of Doctor Who yet. And yes, that means that some of us haven’t illegally downloaded them either. Some of have principles, damn it. But that’s okay, because some of us can finally see the second half of Doctor Who: Season 6 in one giant marathon, in high-definition no less. The complete Series Six will be available in one set later this month, but some of us can’t wait that long. (For the record, some of us are me.)
EXECUTIVE DECISION: If you ignore the ridiculous plot point of boarding a passenger airliner in mid-air without anyone noticing, this 1996 action movie starring Kurt Russell, Halle Berry and Steven Seagal (who famously dies in the first act, but it was shocking the first time you saw it) is a smart and impossibly tense thriller with a fantastic supporting cast and an otherwise clever plotline. It’s a barebones release, but that just means that you’ll probably be able find it really cheap. You’ll never throw away a coffee stirrer again.
THE FISHER KING: Another classic from the 1990s, The Fisher King was Terry Gilliam’s attempt to show Hollywood that he could make a (relatively) normal film on time and on budget after the back-to-back debacles of Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. It kinda worked – the film made money, was nominated for five Oscars (winning Best Supporting Actress for Mercedes Ruehl) and helped land him the director’s chair on the even-more-successful Twelve Monkeys – but his reputation for being “difficult” never quite disappeared, and he still has trouble landing high profile projects to this day. Regardless, The Fisher Kingis an awesome movie that stars Jeff Bridges as a former DJ who accidentally inspires one of his listeners to commit mass murder, and tries to redeem himself by helping one of the survivors – Robin Williams, who has gone mad – achieve his dream of finding The Holy Grail. Another bare bones release (which is more annoying in this case, given the film’s greatness), but still a treat to have in high-def.

(JOE STARR NOTE: Fisher King! And Somehow “Angus” Never Even Saw the Light of DVD!)

(MATT KELLY NOTE: Who Needs an Angus DVD when all you need is the Angus Soundtrack)


ONE-EYED JACKS: This one’s a novelty… a western directed by Marlon Brando. Yes,that Marlon Brando. (What other Marlon Brando is there?) It’s the only film Brando ever directed, and was a box office success although he was unhappy with the final product. Apparently his director’s cut was over five hours long, so the studio recut it. Brando and Karl Malden play bank robbers, but Malden betrays his partner and takes the money. Malden becomes a respectable sheriff while Brando goes to jail for years, and then, one day, finally returns for payback. One-Eyed Jacks comes to Blu-Ray courtesy of E1 Entertainment, a distribution company not famous for impressive releases, so lord only knows if this disc will do justice to the Oscar-nominated cinematography of Charles Lang, who racked up a whopping 18 Academy Award nominations for his lighting between 1931 and 1973 (he won only once, in 1934, for A Farewell to Arms). Fingers crossed though. You might want to wait for the reviews to decide if it’s worth purchasing or not.
Jonathan London – Will Solve All of the Problems… But It Won’t Save Him
The Professor Layton animated movie, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, which has been out in Asia and England for over a year, finally gets released in the U.S. this week from Viz Media… and they’re sending me a copy! The film takes place right after the events of The Last Specter and three years before The Diabolical Box, and I couldn’t be more excited! I love the voice acting and animation from the games and can’t wait to get a full film full of puzzles, mysterious characters and smart detective skills! A true gentleman leaves no problem unsolved!


Joe Starr – Zombie Food

AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #1 – A monthly Joe Madureira book! And there’s a J. Scott Campbell variant cover?! Is it 1996 again?! This changes everything! I’ve got a second chance! A SECOND CHANCE I TELL YOU! So long, about to turn 30 Joe! It’s time to New 52 MY LIFE!

Also, Zeb Wells writes a good Spider-Man. 

(ERIC DIAZ NOTE: You have been reading the DC reboot right? It is totally 1996 all over again. Now If only I could find my purple Doc Martens and complete the retro 90’s ness of it all….)

Joshua Jackson – Would Try and Play WiiPlay with the Undead

Out of all the awesome releases on this day, (like the Professor Layton movie,) there are none I’m more excited about than Cave Story 3D. Not only does this remake of the greatest indy title I’ve ever played come with upgraded graphics and new content, but Prinny from Disgaea is making an appearance as well. I love me some Prinny’s dood!



Shane O’Hare – Wants a Skyrim Job

Skryim… ’nuff said. Grab a case of Dr. Pepper and a pallet of cheetos because you are NOT leaving your computer for a while.


Joshua Johnson – Will be Giving that Skyrim Job

Skyrim is finally here! After being blown away by the E3 presentation, I’ve been waiting with baited breath for this one. An even larger world to explore? Giant dragons that can be slain? Crazy new dragon abilities? Yes please! Now all I need are a spare 200 hours to play it all.
Russel Sherman – Will watch the… wait… wasn’t this about the zombie apocalypse?
It may just be a thing that the countries of the Triple Enténte do but I’ve been wearing my poppy (on my jacket, suit at work, and twitter picture) for the last two weeks to show I have not forgotten all the soldiers who fought and died in WWI.  It is on this day that we remember them and their sacrifices they made for their respective countries.  At a young age in Canada the poem In Flanders Fields”by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was etched into our memories and printed on the $5.00 bill.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

  -Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

Shane O’Hare – IMMORTALS

Also on Friday the 11th we have the Immortals in theaters. I think this may be a pretty enough film to bring be back to a theater. I haven’t been in a theater in MONTHS MONTHS and this honestly peaked my interest enough to pay the man $8. If you’re into documentaries check out Into The Abyss. A film about 2 men who are on death row. Mr. Herzog appears to have a nice film on his hands. Same day after you are all full of adrenaline from Immortals go see J. Edgar. It looks like Leo has pulled another “Aviator” and is going to woo us with another great period piece. 


How come it took 7 movies before they started doing these harry potter adaptations correctly. After hating every film they made based on the book series, finally they did this one right. it was one of the most fun-filled movies experiences I had this year. I can’t wait to relive this shit over and over again. Apparently get your copy now because in 2012 the film is going out of print (cause that makes sense… and money!)



Joshua Jackson – Would Find a Cure… But Drop it Down a Drain on Accident

When Sunday rolls around, the 3DS will finally be past its growing pains. Super Mario 3D Land hits stores and is bringing the raccoon tail back with it. If its anything like the amazing 3D Mario games that have graced the Wii, then there’s no reason not to pick this up. You know, unless you’re not a fan of fun.