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Quicksilver & The Scarlet Witch Confirmed To Be Joining The Team In ‘The Avengers’ Sequel

Wednesday 1st May 2013 by Shawn Madden

Remember last week when Joss Whedon hinted at two new characters (“a brother/sister act”) that would be appearing in the upcoming sequel to The Avengers? Well, Entertainment Weekly report that their upcoming issue will feature an extensive look at Marvel Studios upcoming “Phase Two” films as well as going on to confirm what many had earlier speculated:

Ultimate Comics X-Men 7

“Some online rumors turn out to be true, however. A source confirms to EW that the twin characters Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be joining The Avengers 2, which Whedon hinted at recently when he said he was writing a brother-sister duo into the movie. Feige maintains a poker face on that scoop, saying only: “I’m not confirming or denying. The draft could change six months from now.”

The rights to these two characters were revealed awhile back to be up to whichever studio used theme first between Marvel and Fox and it appears Marvel got to them first. Will they be mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or have the origins of their powers altered a bit for the film universe? We’re going to have to wait and find out but this is definitely very exciting news.

The Avengers 2 is set to hit theaters May 1, 2015

Source: Entertainment Weekly