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Preview The Upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh Expansion With The ‘Clash Of Rebellions’ Special Edition

Thursday 14th January 2016 by Josh Jackson

If you follow the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game, you’re probably hyped for the upcoming Breakers of Shadow booster set, which promises to flood the game with a wave of viable cards that are looking to improve existing decks while reviving old ones. If you wanted a small taste of what that set will offer, the Clash Of Rebellions special edition is looking to tide you over until the full set is released.

As with most every special edition set, $10 MSRP gets you three booster packs of the previous set, which includes a new deck’s worth of new Red Eyes Black Dragon cards, such as The Black Stone Of Legend, Red-Eyes Archfiend Of Lightning, and Cards of the Red Stone, and the cover monster that’s both a Pendulum and Xyz card, Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon. In addition to the standard boosters however, each box now comes with two of four promotional inserts, one of which is a reprint of a hard to find card, and the other releasing as a Super Rare variant of the next major expansion.

Starting with the preview cards, here are Engraver of the Mark and the Trap Card, Destruction Sword Flash. Engraver is a spellcaster with a decent amount of attack points and an odd set of abilities. If the opponent plays a card that asks them to name a specific card as part of its effect, Engraver allows its controller to discard it from their hand to the graveyard in order to change the name of the card to one of your choosing. When on the field, Engraver can destroy any one card on the field at the end of the following End Phase, forcing the opponent to either use it before they’re ready, or see it destroyed.

YuGiOh Engraver of the Mark

Destruction Sword Flash gives duelists an even bigger reason to dust off their Buster Blader cards from 10 years ago and breathes fresh life into them with a powerful effect. When using a Fusion Monster that used Buster Blader as its material, you can flip this card to banish your opponent’s entire field. Once in the graveyard, this card can be used AGAIN by triggering its secondary effect if you banish it. In this case, if a Buster Blader monster you control is targeted by an effect, this card can negate the effect and destroy that card. Buster Blader is sounding pretty awesome right about now!

YuGiOh Destruction Sword Flash

Not to be left out, the two Shonen-Jump promo reprints, Ultimaya Tzolkin and Frightfur Tiger, each of these monsters offer huge benefits to their respective decks when in the right situation. Tzolkin, (known as the Crimson Dragon who served as a guide for Yusei and his friends in the 5D‘s anime,) can use its effect to special summon a level 7 or 8 dragon type Synchro monster, or a Power Tool Synchro monster without fear of follow up effects to the card that’s special summoned. A perfect set up for cards like Azure Eyes Silver Dragon, Tzolkin looks like it could be a huge asset to any Synchro heavy dragon deck.

YuGiOh Ultimaya Tzolkin

Freightfur Tiger also has a very specific benefit, but it’s one you’ll want to pay attention to. As a fusion monster that can destroy one card of the field for every Fluffal monster used as its material, potentially allowing you to wipe the field and clear the way for a powerful series of attacks. When you consider that Freightfur Tiger also boosts the attack strength of every Fluffal card it shares the field with, and you have a chance to deal a finishing blow to your opponent pretty easily with the right cards.

YuGiOh Frightfur Tiger

What say you, duelists? What are your highlights within the Clash Of Rebellions Special Editon? Comment below and share your thoughts!