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Plot Details Revealed For ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’

Wednesday 7th November 2012 by Derek Kraneveldt

Well it’s about time. The newest Die Hard chapter is just a few months away, and until today, we’ve really had no idea what A Good Day to Die Hard is about.

MovieHole today learned just what we’d all been wondering: what the hell is John McClane up to?

The plot, as we have all learned, featured McClane traveling to Russia to be with his son. So what’s going on with his son? What I’m being told is the son of John McClane, Jack, (played by Jai Courtney) is in fact an undercover CIA Operative. Cringe if you will, but this is slightly hinted at in the first teaser trailer released in September where Bruce Willis’ McClane says the line ” The 007 0f Plainfield, New Jersey.” This is referring to where the McClane / Gennaro family originally hail from, the city of Plainfield, NJ and McClane Jr being a secret agent, ala Bond 007.

CIA Agent Jack McClane meets his estranged father, the reluctant hero that is John McClane, in Moscow and who is apparently completely unaware how super-trained an agent his son actually is. Jack is so highly trained, that he’s deep undercover with Russian heavies who have their hands on some nukes, but once his cover is blown, both the younger and older McClanes are left with no alternative than to fend off Russian mobsters aplenty in unfamiliar territory.

So there it is! I know that so far the trailers for the film have left people feeling underwhelmed. Does this change things? In any case, are you looking forward to the film?

A Good Day to Die Hard romantically lands in theatres on February 14th, 2013.