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PAX West 2017: Think Geek’s ‘Zelda’ Clothing Line Is Masterful

Thursday 7th September 2017 by Courtney Dossett

PAX West just keeps giving and giving. We got an opportunity to meetup with Think Geek to check out some of their incredible products.

Think Geek and Musterbrand have joined forces and  premiered a Zelda: Breath of the Wild themed line of clothing, accessories, and home decor  at PAX West 2017. We got a chance to get a up close and personal look at the new line, and talk about a couple of my favorites.

I’m usually hesitant to make clothing purchases online without getting my hands on it in real life first. There are just so many things that can go wrong when buying clothes – the size could be wrong, the color isn’t true to what you saw on your screen, or, my biggest nightmare, the quality of the materials is inferior compared to what you expected. I’m also a bit of a snob when it comes to fabrics and knitted items, because my mother was a seamstress for most of my life and taught me how to look for quality in fashion. I also am a knitter/crocheter myself, and am very picky about knitted styles and textures. Shane would say the same thing, only because Rarity is is favorite pony.

I was happily surprised when I got to feel the textiles from the BOTW clothing line. Made of 100% cotton, the ponchos and hoodies on display were amazingly, buttery soft – they’d be perfect for wrapping yourself in at the office or at home this fall when things start to get a little more chilly. One was bright blue with a yellow Hylian crest on the back – the other is a fawn color, and was inspired by Link’s Hylian hood.

The two jackets on display, both a chocolately brown, had subtle details that tie them into the Zelda universe, so they could be worn pretty much anywhere without being ostentatious.

The first jacket, a short jacket with a front zipper, is 65% cotton 35% acrylic, and has detail stitching on the back of the Eye of the Sheikah in light blue thread on the back. The lining is tan, with a patterned print of the Traveler Shield.

The second jacket was a longer overcoat, with a bright blue lining, and the master sword stitched in blue on the back. It has a small interior zipper pocket for you to put your keys or other small items in to keep them safe. The coat also has nice heavy metal clasps you can use in addition to the zipper to keep out the cold.

I could totally see waterproofing both jackets and wearing them all fall and winter long here in the cold, wet, Pacific Northwest.

These items were just my favorites, for the full line of Zelda: Breath of the Wild items from Think Geek, click here and let us know what you think!