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P5YCH A Movie Horror Fans Should Be Supporting

Saturday 7th April 2012 by Saintmort

On the most recent episode of The Saint Mort Show I got to sit down with Matthew Currie Holmes and Tracy Morse who co-wrote the film P5YCH. After talking to these guys I immediately was impressed by their fandom and never-ending fountain of knowledge of horror films.

In a period of cinema where almost all of the horror movies are either sequels and reboots, Matthew and Tracy have found a way to create the most unique way to ‘reboot’ a film. P5YCH tells the story of five survivors, they’ve each experienced a truly traumatic event that was later turned into a hit horror film (Halloween, Friday the 13th Part 3, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Sleepaway Camp).

Now these survivors have to face the ghosts of their past. With Matthew and Tracy writing and past guest Rebekah McKendry acting as producer this film seem like a can’t lose product.

Check out the trailer, visit their website and donate to their Kickstarter! This is the unique film horror fans have been waiting for.