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Nintendogeddon Lives! SNES Classic Announced With Star Fox 2!!

Monday 26th June 2017 by The_acz

No, you’re not dreaming – it’s happening all over again.

Nintendo unexpectedly announced that they will be releasing the SNES Classic Edition, fully loaded with 21 games! The mini console will launch September 29th, for $79.99, and will include my personal favorite, Star Fox 2!

Now, Star Fox 2 does need to be unlocked by beating the first level of Star Fox 1, but aside from that, all games will be playable out of the box. Even for $80 this is an insanely good value as games like Earthbound, and Super Mario RPG come with the system. Hopefully SNES Classic can support future add ons, because having an SNES without all 3 Donkey Kong Country games feels . . . dirty. Nonetheless I’m really excited for this console (re?) release! What’s your favorite game out of the 21? Tell us in the comments below!