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Nintendo Direct Mini: ‘The World Ends With You Final Remix’ Makes Its Way To Switch!!

Friday 12th January 2018 by The_acz

11 Years ago Square Enix released a small RPG title for the Nintendo DS.

This game had an odd story and even odder gameplay. Unlike normal RPG’S, this one took advantage of the dual screens on the console to create 2 separate styles of gameplay. One where you would normally attack your way through enemies, and the other where you’d use magical pins to attack. Although very positively reviewed and loved by fans, the game failed to sell enough copies to warrant a sequel and any continuation of the series. This game was The World Ends With You, and the game is finally receiving a 2nd chance at success.

Nintendo’s January mini direct kicked off with this announcement, and fans were absolutely ecstatic about the announcement. Remember that weird anime guy with the headphones from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance? His name is Neku, and he’s the main protagonist of the game.  The game starts with a mysterious countdown timer appearing on his hand informing him to get downtown or face termination, and from there, mysteries and mysteries abound pop up.

For fans planning a return trip to the game, you’ll be happy to know that Square will be adding a whole new section of the game that definitively wraps up the story for good. No release date has been announced, but the game is slated as a Nintendo Switch exclusive for sometime this year.  Check out the announcement trailer below!