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New Playsets Coming April 25th To XBLA For Toy Soldiers: Cold War

Tuesday 24th April 2012 by Andy Breeding

I still cry when I remember that I use to own so many G.I. Joe’s and neglected them to the point of losing them all. Man, I was such a irresponsible kid. At least Signal Studios can help me forget about all that by releasing DLC for Toy Soldiers: Cold War tomorrow. Two, in fact.

In “Evil Empire”, you take control of the Russians in an effort to crush the capitalist pigs while “Napalm” has you in Vietnam re-enacting scenes from Platoon with Charlie Sheen (Not really). Each DLC will have three new campaign missions with a new multiplayer map. New mini-games, weapons, and vehicles are also at your disposal.

400 Microsoft points for each DLC is what you’re looking at if you want to reach back into your toy box to play some more Toy Soldiers: Cold War. I will be reviewing both DLC packs later this week so until then, have a look at the launch trailers.