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New Daft Punk Album ‘Random Access Memories’ Official Release Date! MAY 21st!

Sunday 24th March 2013 by Shane O'Hare

You read the title right folks! Way back in January we talked about Daft Punk signing a new contract with Columbia. Well today we can report, that the newest record from the two most influential and important electronic musicians, will be released on May 21st!

Late last night, the iTunes page for Daft Punk was updated so clandestinely, we almost missed it! The record will have 13 new songs, none of which have had their titles released yet. The album is titled “Random Access Memories”, a play on the type of RAM you find in your computer.

We only got a tiny little preview of one of their new songs, when they ran an ad on SNL a few weeks ago.


Nothing else has been released yet, but you can be sure when we get more info, or a leak or two, we will keep you informed!

Be sure to check out their official website HERE!