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APRIL FOOLS! Michael Bay to Direct Bucky O’Hare Movie

Sunday 1st April 2012 by Saintmort

This was an April Fools joke… but it will still probably happen one day exactly as written!

Sunbow Productions has officially announced their plans to work with Michael Bay on a live action Bucky O’Hare film. Bucky O’Hare was created in 1978 by Larry Harna and Michael Golden. The comic and TV series told of a parallel universe (the Aniverse) and a war between the United Animals Federation and the Toad Empire. However Michael Bay has a different idea:

“The Aliens that are talking earth animals is becoming a played out idea,” said the director/producer/explosion enthusiast. “What we’re thinking is that perhaps it’s possible that ordinary animals like toads, bunnies and duckies could be mutated by some type of toxic waste.”

How’s that for irony? Oh, Michael. You’ll never learn… What do you guys think?