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Max Landis Talks Chronicle Sequel, Frankenstein And Untitled Disney Project

Saturday 15th September 2012 by Shawn Madden

Today at Comikaze Max Landis hosted a panel where he revealed a few details about his upcoming Frankenstein project, a yet unannounced Disney movie and the upcoming sequel to Chronicle. Or should we say sequels?

“Did you guys like Chronicle? Well, Chronicle 2 is going to be even better.”

Landis also, even though doing it on accident, confirmed there are not only plans for a sequel but a third movie. He also revealed that they would be sticking to the found footage for the next movies. Landis stated that he “didn’t really show us anything” meaning that there may be more to the first movie than we originally saw because we only saw what Andrew showed us.

In the sequel we won’t be seeing any new characters with powers and we should possibly expect to have some different opinions on characters from the first film. Andrew’s dad may return but re-writes may see that change.

Landis also spoke about his upcoming Frankenstein project and assures that his Frankenstein is the best work he’s ever written and that it’s “not a monster movie”. He went on to talk about how Igor isn’t actually in the books or movies and how he’s going to include him in the movie because people are already expecting it.

“Instead of making the accurate version. What if I write a version that everyone already thinks exists. And I do the best cool version of it.”

“Igor is the main character. Hey guys, Igor may be Daniel Radcliff.”

Landis also revealed that his untitled project for Disney that he’s working on is Space Mountain. Yup, you read that right. Like the ride. It’s something that Disney has never done before…oh, wait. Let’s just not use Johnny Depp in this one too okay guys?