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Marvel Reveals Their Next Big Cross-Over Event by Shawn Madden

Marvel has just unveiled the first look at their next big cross-over event. This May 4th, on Free Comic Book Day, the creative team of Jonathan Hickman (Avengers) and Jim Cheung (Avengers: The Children’s Crusade) bring us the first look at INFINITY!





The biggest super heroes in comics today – the Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, Inhumans, Superior Spider-Man & more! The most dangerous threat in the Marvel Universe – Thanos! The grandest Marvel Comics event of all time – INFINITY! This May for Free Comic Book Day, prepare yourselves for the greatest battle for survival ever waged in the Marvel Universe as Marvel marches towards Infinity! In this all-new story by the blockbuster creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung, witness the opening shots of the war that will be heard around the galaxy. Plus, get a sneak peek behind a major Marvel release that hasn’t been announced yet and relive Thanos’ first solo story. With the entire Marvel Universe on the brink of intergalactic war, no fan can miss this year’s Free Comic Book Day!

  • Star Carlton

    I never thought Thanos was that good of a character to make all this fuss about.

  • bfg666

    Well, they gotta pave the way for the Avengers 2 movie…

  • josue vaz

    marvel is only doing this so movigoers can find out who thanos actually is and guardians of the galaxy,so get ready for a half ass story with no major outcome

  • andre

    Give it a chance guys, Thanos is the baddest of the bad in the Marvel Universe. He is one of the few villians that requires every superhero in the entire universe to stop him. And all of his schemes are usually so diabolical even then it’s not enough to stop him. I think the FF, Avengers or X-men would easily rather take on Doc Doom, The Skrull Empire and or Magneto combined on a good day rather than deal with Thanos :)

  • Old Fart

    I miss the old days when major comic events that crossed titles were rare and truly epic. Not just an every year thing that is pretty much meaningless by virtue of being an every year event.

  • Laross

    You guys have no faith and full of negativity. Hope you live your life with a positive look. If you can’t even have faith in a comic to movie, especially one that has been amazing so far in the series leading up to the Guardians. Get outside and get some life in you before you lose all faith in anything

  • Jonathan

    Guys, Hickman is writing this. If you’ve read his Fantastic Four (and are currently reading his Avengers), you know he’s the guy to do cosmic storylines.

    And Cheung’s artwork is amazing. Everything he’s drawn has been fantastic going all the way back to Young Avengers (which was not that long ago). He should be a bigger star than he is and hopefully this is what does the trick.

  • Sprague

    Still brooding over the outcome of AvX. It should have been a great story but how the Avengers managed to win is still beyond me. The Xmen fixed the world which is sumthing the Avengers should have bin doing and won’t because of “reasonsss” but NOOOO, they prefer to go poke their noses into fights that aren’t their business. The Xmen fixed the world and they proded and poked until they got to prove their point, in their own terms.

    So yeah, please tell me again how this will pan out: Everyone attacks Thanos, Thanos dispatches them with ease, Hank/Tony/Reed/T’Challa/Banner/Parkernate comes up with relatively brilliant idea, Steve gives motivational speech, Vision dies again, Galactus shows briefly and does nothing, Hulks attack Thanos (who remembers that he’s been playing them on easy, switches to God-like all of a sudden), Xmen display more of their minority/wounded victims of the society instead of going all out to kick ass, Cyclops returns to lead the xmen shortly, Cyclop dies, Silver Surfer dies, Thanoes is defeated by a cure Tony makes and patents and everyone goes back to earth in a reflective mood.

    Which still sucks…..

  • unplottable

    I’m thinking Drax is back in business.

  • Shawn Madden

    Oh, Drax is definitely back in business. The new GOTG series launches tomorrow.

  • illchild

    Hasn’t this story already been told in Infinity Gauntlet & Infinity War? Thanos vs Everybody???

  • the real Galactus

    I’m in graphic novel / movie heaven. Hickman, whedon and Bendis for president. At the SAME TIME!

  • Read Much

    @OldFart…The good old days when crossovers were rare? You obviously aren’t that old otherwise you would remember the 60’s when characters pretty much lived in each others comics. Peter Parker would routinely drop by the FF’s lab to mess with Johnny Storm and the adventures were pathetic at best. The characters were designed to intermingle in the same universe, it’s not like DC were they only mention the other characters when they’re building up to a crossover.

  • Ross Lawrence

    OK, I noticed the Character ARMAGEDDON has nearly disappeared from Google and other search engines. The pictures of him are way off. I remember him having something to do with Apocalyse, Professor X and the Phoenix. Also the Silver Surfer?

  • mike

    the only thing that makes thanos a notable bad guy is that he gets his hands on the infinity gauntlet. read infinity war. gwen stacy would be impossible to beat with the infinity gauntlet. nuff said.

  • Jonathan

    Sure, but what about his actual character? That has to come into play beyond someone’s powers. Thanos’ character makes him a solid villain because he is relentless. The Infinity Gauntlet in other people’s hands is dangerous, you’re right, but without it, Thanos is still a mean son of a bitch!

  • David

    I think Sprague hit it on the head with his guess at this storyline. These cosmic-cross-over events get so very formulaic. But after 50 years of the same characters, there’s not really a lot left to do with them. For a while it looked like Marvel were building up to replace/retire some of the old names and have the new blood come through (books like Runaways, and characters like Franklin and Valaria Richards) but ultimately I think they’re tied in too closely to the ‘franchise every last cent’ mentality that will prevent any real change.

    DC was too far gone years ago (having had that head start), they seem to be trying to do a ‘full reboot!!!’ every year or two to make up for it.

  • David

    Would love to join in on this but wordpress thinks anything I say is a duplicate comment!

  • dregj

    your right thanos really aint a good character but there’s cross promotional synergy to cash in on

  • dregj

    your right thanos really aint a good character but there’s cross promotional synergy to cash in on

  • dregj

    your right thanos really aint a good character but there’s cross promotional synergy to cash in on

  • dregj

    your right thanos really aint a good character but there’s cross promotional synergy to cash in on

  • Kayoss860

    I hope silver surfer is part of this cross over. He play a role in help taking down thanos. I mean the real silver surfer the pansy one from the fantastic four movie.

  • lucifer69

    I wish I had all their powers.

  • Joel C Pousson

    SO tired of the pathetic artwork from Marvel these days. Give us something more Kirby-like.


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