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Marvel & Disney’s Animated ‘Big Hero 6’ Release Date Revealed

Saturday 23rd February 2013 by Shawn Madden

A few months back it was revealed that Disney and Marvel were teaming up to work on a full-length animated feature featuring Marvel’s Japan based super hero team Big Hero 6. But since then, there’s been no word regarding the project until today.


Big Hero 6


It’s now been revealed that Don Hall’s Big Hero 6 will be hitting theaters on November 21, 2014. Unfamiliar with the obscure Marvel characters?


Big Hero 6 is a superteam in the Marvel Comics universe. They technically first appeared in Sunfire and Big Hero 6 #1 (September, 1998), though they were created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau in the pages of Alpha Flight, volume 2. When the Japanese government wanted a team of state-sanctioned super-heroes at their disposal, a top-secret consortium of politicians and business entities known as the Giri was formed to recruit and train potential superhuman operatives for “Big Hero 6.”


Official news regarding the project should be expected to be revealed at either this year’s San Diego Comic-Con or Disney’s D23 Expo.


Source: Rentrak [via BleedingCool]