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Marvel And Square Enix Assemble For The Avengers Project!

Thursday 26th January 2017 by The_acz

This morning Square Enix and Marvel surprised people by announcing a multi video game partnership with their companies.

That’s right, this deal not only covers one, but multiple MCU video games  headed up by Square. The first of these projects was announced this morning. Simply titled, The Avengers Project, not much is known about this trailer aside from the team apparently having been split apart and now having to reunite them. I say apparently because the trailer really isn’t that good. I mean, say what you want about DC’s films, but they do know how to make some pretty great games and trailers (Example: Batman Arkham series, and Injustice.).

What’s worse is that we apparently won’t be finding out any new info on these games until 2018. Really? Not even E3? Seems a bit premature to be announcing this, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, we all remain excited to see what a company like Square has planned for our favorite superheroes. What kind of MCU games would you like to see? Tell us in the comments below!