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Geekscape Comics: Surprise! Mark Waid’s ‘Axiom’ Is Now Available!

Tuesday 30th August 2016 by Pandageddonnn

Legendary Comics has surprised comic book fans everywhere with the release of Axiom, which is now on store shelves! Most noted for his work on comics like The Flash, Captain America, and Kingdom Come, Mark Waid teams up with artists Ed Benes and Dinei Ribeiro to create a gorgeous graphic novel about superheroes gone wrong.


Super-powered beings come to Earth with the intent of protecting it. But what happens when things go terribly wrong? The cover gives a pretty strong impression that things might not be going too well on Earth.

The official description goes:

Axiom and Thena, aliens from another world, arrive on earth and exhibit extraordinary powers. Benevolent and godlike, they cure humanity’s ills and usher in an era of peace, prosperity and complacency.
A series of tragic events reveals another side of Axiom: humanity’s savior becomes its worst nightmare. A Defense Department analyst, armed with only scientific knowledge and courageous spirit takes on the turned hero in a fight for mankind’s survival!

The 144 page graphic novel is available in stores starting today for $19.99. Grab a copy today and let us know what you think!