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Make a New Website For Us? Geekscape Pays in Legos!

Saturday 24th March 2012 by Jonathan

I’ve been feeling guilty about something for the past month or so… just about the amount of time that we’ve had this great new website. And now I’ve got to get it off my chest.

Confession: We paid for this website, all of our fantastic coder Paul’s hard work, in Legos.

That’s right. Legos. It’s not our fault. I tried to give him money. But when I asked Paul what he wanted for building the site, Paul, being the modest, sweet guy that he is,  just replied with “I just think it’ll be fun.” But then I caught him lamenting that his AT-AT toy was still back in the UK.

So we bought Paul a Lego Motorized At-At. And Paul, being the awesome, amazing guy that he is, made this sweet little stop-motion video clip in tribute to a job well done.

We love you, Paul. Next time, we’re paying you in Lincoln Logs and Playmobil.

Post in the comments below just how much you love Paul.


Jonathan is Geekscape's Editor in Chief. He started Geekscape in order to make new friends. He has yet to make any friends but everyone else seems to like each other just fine so something seems to be working. He can also be found on twitter!

  • My love for you keeps me warm on Hoth, Paul!

  • CalvinSlug

    I’d do him.