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Lego Big Bang Theory Set Revealed!

Wednesday 3rd June 2015 by Dennis Finocchiaro

At long last, fans of both Lego and The Big Bang Theory can rejoice. The images of the new set, due out in August, are here!


The set includes minifigures for Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, Howard, Penny, Amy and Bernadette. Due to the large amount of minifigures, the set will retail for $59.99.

Whether a fan of the show or not, this is a really cool collectible that Lego Ideas creators Alatariel and GlenBricker came up with. I’m sure this one will end up in my collection at some point.

The set itself looks fun too, complete with the couch, Sheldon’s spot, take out food, the white board and more! The set is being released on August 1st.




Dennis Finocchiaro

Dennis Finocchiaro is the author of a few published books, including The Z Word, a collection of flash fiction that occurs during a zombie apocalypse. He is a big collector of records and loves everything Lego.