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LAPD Has 15 Minute Standoff With Armed Call Of Duty Statue. by Shane O'Hare

You can file this under wacky. Last Thursday, the LAPD responded to an alarm at a video game developer studio where they saw an armed suspect in the window. That armed suspect turned out to be a statue of Ghost from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

This all took place in LA at game developer Robotoki’s office. The story goes as follows: The company installed a new security system that had an “armed threat” panic button. When pressed the police would be notified of, well an armed threat. So come last Thursday evening, the team over at Robotoki were all going home for the night when an unnamed employee saw a mysterious new button in the office. Of course he felt the need to press it. He then promptly left the studio, and Robotiki head, Robert Bowling was left alone in the office. A little back story on our friend Robert here. He worked on CoD:MW2 and was given a statue of one of the games characters, Ghost, as a gift. This statue stands in the window of Robotoki’s office overlooking the street.

Photo Tweeted by Robert Bowling. @fourzerotwo

Photo Tweeted by Robert Bowling. @fourzerotwo

So when Police arrived they could not find a way into the building. They proceeded to circle the building and saw our friend Ghost in the window. Now peek at that statue, in todays time where the perceived threat of a crazed gunman is so high, you can imagine what the LAPD’s next move was. Gear up and storm the building! Our friends over at Polygon have this picture from the security camera.

Photo Courtesy of Polygon

Photo Courtesy of Polygon

When the police entered they apparently thought Robert was a hostage and had a standoff with Ghost. It got really tense when he did not comply, but stress was eventually lowered when they realized he wouldn’t respond to anything they said.

When it was all said and done no one was in trouble and there was no false alarm fine, the Police were actually pretty good about it and were reportedly, “Good Dudes, and all smiles.”.

Shane O'Hare

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