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J.J. Abrams Returns To ‘Star Wars’ To Write & Direct Episode IX!!

Tuesday 12th September 2017 by The_acz

Star Wars has been in a big mess lately.

While Episode VII re-ignited the long dormant franchise after the prequel plague, it seems like every week now there’s some sort of drama going on behind the scenes. From Rogue One’s extensive reshoots, the untimely death of Carrie Fisher, the firing of Phil Lord/Chris Miller from the Han Solo standalone film, and Colin Trevorrow’s removal from Episode IX, the beloved series has had more downs than ups recently. However, it seems like they’re finally coming up from the water to breathe easy for once.

Just announced, J.J Abrams will officially be returning to the writer and directors chair for the 2019 film. Some might be a bit hesitant as many heavily criticize Abrams for simply remaking A New Hope, but personally, The Force Awakens had better characters, even with a somewhat recycled story (Which is still a good story.) Even though this is good news, Kathleen Kennedy and the crew aren’t completely out of the woods; The Last Jedi has a good amount of people nervous about it, and the Han Solo film is still a never-ending dumpster fire. What do you think? Was this a good or bad move? Tell us in the comments below!