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“Iron Man 3” Now a Chinese Co-Production! Is The Mandarin Far Behind?

Monday 16th April 2012 by Jonathan

This is some interesting news over at Deadline Hollywood. It was announced today, that The Walt Disney Company China, Marvel Studios and DMG Entertainment announced that Iron Man 3 will be co-produced in China.

This is evidence of a relaxing Chinese foreign film quota and a recent increase in Chinese capital being invested into Hollywood and Silicon Valley entertainment companies.  As part of the deal, and in order to receive a portion of the government fund, some of Iron Man 3 has to be filmed in China using local talent.

So of course the question has to be asked: Is The Mandarin going to finally be an Iron Man movie villain? In interviews, director Shane Black has denied having the Asian Mandarin character show up (and he was in Predator so why would we doubt him) but could things have changed? After Iron Man 1, I thought that The Mandarin would be represented in the Marvel movie universe solely as a terrorist organization but could it be represented as one man? Let’s just hope that they keep out the racist stereotypes. Or at least the pigeon English.

  • xan

    Hope thefeige doesn’t pigeon hole ShaneBlack w/ this chinese production thing. They did it to fav on IM2 w/ the integration thing. and i’m thinkin’ w/ more chiefs in the tent something will get nudged out; like a cohesive story due to “time constraints” of the “asian production”, or a need for franchise nods… Shane Black should’ve done Avengers, there i said it, but that being said.. i am ecstatic he’s teaming up w/ RDJ again on im3 and trust his writing. It will be the greatest thing to come outta Marvel.

  • it’s just has to be partially “filmed” in China? then find a spot in China that looks like LA and say you’re in Chinatown. problem solved.