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‘InuYasha: The Final Act’ Is FINALLY Coming To DVD/Blu Ray

Wednesday 15th August 2012 by Josh Jackson

Anime Expo wasn’t short on big announcements, but this was one of the few I gave a damn about. After so many agonizing months of waiting, my patience will finally be rewarded when InuYasha: The Final Act gets its dubbed release in November of this year.

Being released in multiple sets, The Final Act continues where the original InuYasha series left off, following the half demon and wielder of the powerful sword Tetsusaiga, (Tessaiga for the purists,) and his band of warriors as they hunt down the Jewel of Four Souls, which has nearly been completed by their nemesis, Naraku.

With so many loose ends left behind, (you know, like an ending,) Final Act will answer any questions left lingering over the last few years. What will become of the love triangle between InuYasha, Kikyo and Kagome? Will Naraku stop making demon babies? And speaking of, will Miroku ever get laid?

Sure, these answers have been available in Manga and Japanese dubbed form for awhile now, but I started watching it in English dammit, and I’m going to finish it that way. And while a few of the original voice actors, (namely David Kaye’s Sesshomaru and Moneca Stori’s Kagome,) weren’t able to get back into the recording booth, I’m both excited and nervous about how the dub will turn out. But as long as I still get Paul Dobson’s and Richard Cox’s sexy voices, I’m good.

Episodes will be released this fall as apart of Viz Media’s Neon Alley streaming service, but November needs to hurry the F up so I can finally complete my collection.

Josh Jackson

Josh is a long time video game, anime and wrestling fan. As a proud XboxWii60 gamer and beyond, there's not a gaming subject that he shies away from. Follow him on Twitter @InuJoshua for your fill of opinionated goodness!