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Hugh Jackman Tweets Upcoming ‘Logan’ Poster

Wednesday 5th October 2016 by Bigyanks

Just in time for NYCC, Hugh Jackman has just tweeted the first poster for the upcoming Wolverine movie simply titled ‘Logan’.


Now that we know the name and an imagery of a young hand holding Logan’s hand, this will surely feed the flames that the final movie might just be loosely based on the ‘Old Man Logan’ comic book story line. The 2008 storyline featuring an old, washed-up Logan in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the Marvel Universe. In this story  line, the Hulk has taken over part of the land with his gang of inbred children that live to make Logan’s life miserable. Obviously things will have to be altered because of the different  character ownerships.

The director James Mangold followed up Hugh Jackman’s tweet with two of his own, releasing an official image of the poster and a readable shot of the 2nd page of the script. After reading the page, seems to kind of confirm at least an Old Man Logan will be seen, but nothing about the plot of the movie.



‘Logan’ pops his claws one last time on March 3, 2017.