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How DC Comics Drove A Lifelong Wonder Woman Fan To Quit Buying Her Comic

Thursday 22nd March 2012 by Eric Diaz

I’ve been a huge Wonder Woman fan for almost my entire life, since back in the days of Super Friends on Saturday mornings and Lynda Carter spinning around in a giant flash of light. When DC rebooted the character the first time with artist George Perez back in 1986, I bough that very first issue and have bought every issue since then. That particular run on the book solidified her as my all time favorite super hero.  Some runs after that were great, some really sucked, but I always kept on buying, due to my intense love of the character and what she represents.  But due to what transpired in this week’s issue of Wonder Woman (Volume 4, issue #7) I’m doing what I once thought unthinkable to me. I’m dropping my monthly buying of Wonder Woman all together. Issue #7 was the last straw…I quit.

While it was the old Super Friends cartoons and the Lynda Carter television series that made me love the character, it was George Perez' reboot in the 80's that made me a hard core fan. And I've always been a loyal reader, till now.

I’ll admit, this has been coming. The revelation late last year that Wonder Woman was not the product of a mystical asexual birth but was in fact the daughter of Zeus really irked me, as I felt the subtext of that went against original Wonder Woman creator William Marston’s intent for Diana to have a purely female based power source. Whether or not the notion of giving Wonder Woman a father in the traditional sense is being non feminist or not could legitimately be debated, and although it is not a character change I could agree on, I could see the point some fans would have that this revelation didn’t fundamentally change her character. But I don’t see how anyone can see what was revealed in the latest issue of Wonder Woman as anything but blatantly misogynist. This isn’t just ugly subtext anymore, this is just ugly text, period.

So SPOILERS for the last issue of Wonder Woman, for those sensitive to such things.

In Wonder Woman issue 7, it was revealed by the god Hephaestus that the Amazons replenish their race by leaving their isolated home of Paradise Island three times a century, appearing on ships at sea as sirens in the night, and have a night of carnal fun with the men on board…after which they brutally murder said men. Then, returning home to Paradise Island, those Amazons who got pregnant keep their female children to raise as Amazons, and deliver their unwanted male children to the God Hephasteus to serve as his slaves in exchange for weapons.

In short, the Amazon race, as depicted in DC Comics for more than seventy years, meant by creator Willam Marston to represent the best of what humanity can achieve, are now a race of murderers and child slave traders. They’re monsters, plain and simple. This is akin to DC coming out now and saying that Thomas and Martha Wayne were secretly drug dealers, and their deaths were a retaliation hit, or that Pa Kent molested young Clark. Of course, DC would never dare do something like this to their two biggest cultural icons. No, only their cultural icon that happens to be a woman can have her entire heritage pissed on all over like this. Writer Brian Azzarello has stated since the begining of his run that his take on Wonder Woman is a “horror book” and not a super hero book. Judging from this latest reveal, it is only a horror book for actual fans of the character.

Images from Wonder Woman issue 7, showcasing the new brutal Amazon mating practices.

Of course, some fanboys have already risen to this loathsome development’s defense online. “Isn’t this keeping in line with the Amazons of ancient Greek mythology?” That’s one I response I keep reading.  Well yes, it is. In actual Greek myths, the Amazons mated with men once a year, kept the female children and raised them as Amazons, while the male children were outright killed at birth or left exposed in the wild to die. They also cut off one breast, as to make archery easier.  So yes, that is the actual myth the ancient Greeks had about the Amazons.

But what Wonder Woman’s creator William Marston did when he created his Amazons in 1941 was to turn that whole mythology on its head. You see, while the Ancient Greeks had a lot of virtues (they gave us democracy, the Olympics, and were pretty cool with homosexuality long before any other cultures were) they were deeply misogynist. One could interpret their myths of what the Amazons were as based in the fear that a Greek male dominated society would have had of strong women. In fact, that’s the angle Dr. Marston took when he created his Amazons in the early 40’s; what he did was take that old myth and show it as false. His Amazons were actually an advanced and peaceable people, and the old myth perpetuated by the ancient Greeks was nothing more than woman hating slander. And clearly, they kept both breasts. If the whole “one breast” thing was a lie, what else was could be a lie?

The original 1940's version of the Amazons, as created by Dr. William Marston.

And it has been that version of the Amazons that has been part of the DC Universe for all these decades. Oh, the face of it might change. Sometimes DC’s Amazons have had advanced technology; in other iterations their technology never progressed beyond the Bronze Age. Sometimes Wonder Woman’s mother Queen Hippolyta is a blonde, other times she’s a brunette. Sometimes the Amazons have been represented as being more fearful of mankind, and sometimes they’ve been shown to be more open. But they were always depicted as noble warriors, who believed in peace above all else. These are the ideals that they instilled in a young Diana, who set forth on to our world as Wonder Woman to spread those ideals to the rest of the world. And those ideals mean nothing if they come from who a race who believes in the cold blooded murder of innocents and child slavery.

In a very sad way though, what DC has done with their most recent revelations is eerily fitting for the times we live in. The timing for this reveal by DC couldn’t be more shitty, or more timely, depending on how one looks at it. Women’s rights in this country have never been more under attack then they are now, at least during my lifetime. A woman advocating reproductive rights is called a “slut” and a “prostitute” in the media, and in Arizona a bill was passed that says a doctor can’t be sued for keeping crucial information about a woman’s pregnancy from that woman if he fears she might be a candidate to get an abortion.  (so much for that whole Hippocratic Oath business) Anti-woman views are creeping back into our culture at an alarmingly rapid rate, so Azzarello’s Wonder Woman might just be the accurate Wonder Woman for our times after all, although in a truly horrible way.

If this is the Wonder Woman meant to represent our times, she has a lot to not smile about.

I actually don’t really blame current Wonder Woman writer Brian Azzarello in this instance. Simply speaking, he’s not really a Wonder Woman fan at all. He has said as much during interviews. He’s an excellent writer and storyteller, and he certainly knows his Greek mythology.  In fact, his spin on Greek myths has been one of the more fun aspects of his run on Wonder Woman so far. I gave the first issue of his Wonder Woman run a pretty glowing review here on this site in fact. But it is pretty clear since that first issue that he doesn’t care for the actual character of Wonder Woman very much, to the point where in order for him to write her, he has had to change her entire world from top to bottom.   While the whole “New 52” reboot has resulted in more or less just cosmetic changes for DC’s main icons, it is pretty clear now that everything about Wonder Woman is fundamentally different.  The Wonder Woman I have known and loved my whole life effectively doesn’t exist at DC Comics anymore…it just took this particular issue to hammer the point home for me.

No, I don’t blame Azzarello. He might have had the idea, but his bosses had to approve it. No, I blame DC Comics. More to the point, I blame Dan Didio, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, or whoever it was that gave the OK for this decision. They clearly have no respect for the character, or her position as a cultural icon. Wonder Woman has, since day one, been a representation in our popular culture for ideals of peace, fairness and equality. But now we know that that her heritage is tainted, because it represents not equality for women, but an all out hatred of men. Because, isn’t that what strong women really all feel? Hatred of men? Because that’s what this is telling me: The empowerment of women MUST equal the disempowerment of men.  Wonder Woman now represents a culture that is Rush Limbaugh’s idea of what feminism is. Whoever it was at DC that gave their stamp of approval to this should be ashamed of themselves. I  really don’t mean that lightly. DC SHOULD BE DEEPLY ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES.

It is hard for me to be angry about this anymore. No, I’m just bummed. Bummed that the only version of the Amazons for any new reader to read about (especially any new female reader) right now are these. This being comics of course, I realize that all hope is not lost forever. After all, in 1968 DC gave us the “All New Wonder Woman,” where they got rid of her powers, her ties to Paradise Island, her costume, and gave her a male mentor figure. Oh, and a new job, not working for the military, but owning a boutique of all things. Even the writer who came up with this idea, Denny O’Neil, realizes now what a horrible idea that was and how far back it set the character. Four years later, the real Wonder Woman returned, so maybe one day I’ll get my Wonder Woman back. But I’m not holding my breath.  Until then, I have my back issues and my memories, and that’ll have to be good enough.

  • Brave Dave

    oh dude,
    I’m so sorry that this run has led to you dropping the title. That is a very sad thing indeed. I guess the only thing I can offer is that whilst Wonder Woman’s conception, and now her Amazon family’s ideals are very different to (almost the opposites of) the ones that you have come to love, the point I made to you after issue 3 still stands. Diana is still Diana.

    By that I mean, if you (hypothetically) found out that your family had similar secrets to those that Diana has just found out about, would you feel like it changed who you were and what you stood for?

    The reason I love Super Hero Comics is because of the way characters deal with such things. Nightwing is suffering through similar (though not to the same extent) revelations and in that book, and in the face of everything he maintains that none of this stuff is what defines him. He’s defined by the choices made when confronted by these issues. And to to be fair to Azzarello and Chiang, Diana has been true to herself as her world has crumbled around her.

    That said, if this book is not what you want to read, then you should by all means stop picking it up. And that in itself is a shame, DC comics should take note of when a story has caused a fan of 25 years, to say they’ve had enough.

  • Eric Diaz

    Look at it like this: if DC suddenly revealed that Jor-El and the rest of the Kryptonians were a race of planet conquering monsters (which they would never, ever do, except maybe in an Elseworlds or alternate timeline, which I’m sure you realize) even that wouldn’t change Superman as much as this change changes Wonder Woman. Superman might be from Krypton, but he wasn’t raised there and doesn’t have to uphold their ideals. Wonder Woman was raised by the Amazons, supposedly sent to our world to teach us their virtues and save us from ourselves. If the Amazons are now evil (including her own mother) how does this make any sense? This might have been all of one comic book page, but like that one panel back in the 80’s where Hank Pym slapped the Wasp, that page has tainted his character ever since, and this will do the same to the Amazons, only triple. And considering just how very few and far between strong feminist ideals are in place in mainstream comics, the destruction of one of the very first is nothing less than deplorable to me. it might be will written and drawn, which it is, but if the sentiment is ugly then that changes nothing for me.

  • JamesM

    The interesting thing is that the myths Azzarello is recounting are the distorted versions that ancient Greek misogynist writers put into writing. There was a long tradition of oral story telling in ancient Greece, and we know that the original stories about the Amazons, which Greek women loved, were changed when the men wrote them down. If you look at ancient Greek art, the Amazons are always depicted as having two breasts. Always. There’s not a single example of art work showing them with only one. When men wrote these tales they wanted desperately to turn Greek women against the Amazon myths. So they came up with versions that turned the Amazons into self mutilating killers. But Greek art shows a fascination with the Amazons, and they are usually depicted as great warriors in a thrilling way, which totally belies the written tales. If Azzarello had done his home work, he would have known this. Hera is another good example. During the time of the oral story telling tradition, there was an expansive Cult of Hera, in which she…not Zeus…was the primary divinity in ancient Greek religion. In fact, to those who belonged to her cult, Zeus was seen as someone who was merely her consort. But again, when the stories were written down, Zeus was made the preeminent figure, and Hera was reduced to his jealous wife. I knew we were in trouble when DC mandated the Diana be given a father, and Azzarello decided it would be Zeus. The God Zeus is the very symbol of Greek patriarchy, and Wonder Woman, no longer empowered by the Goddesses, now gets her power from the leading ancient symbol of patriarchy. This was disturbing enough. But now we have monster Amazons to accompany it. I would just further point out that Azzarello made the Amazons even worse than the misogynist ancient Greek male writers did. In those stories, the Amazons made pacts with men from neighboring city-states, and they would mate with them. The Amazons kept the female children and turned the male children over to their fathers. The children were abandoned if the fathers refused them. So even in this Azzarello decided to make the Amazons worse than the misogynists who were trying to create hatred for the race of ancient female warriors. Shame on him and on DC Comics.

  • Eric Diaz

    James, for this well thought out response to my article, you are my hero. Thanks for your thoughts. Even if it did send me from merely “bummed” back to angry again :-/

  • First of all, the breast thing was NOT part of the original myths. Go look up “the Straight Dope” for a very thorough discussion about that.

    Secondly: Wonder Woman died in June of 2010, in issue #600 of her book. RIP. DC had tried to kill her with Amazons Attack! and almost succeeded except that Gail Simone partially resuscitated her.

    This new “Wonder Woman” should instead be called “The Olympians.” Get “WW” out of there, and it might be a good book for those interested in seeing a very dark pantheon at bloody work in the modern world.

    But Wonder Woman is not a dark character, nor are the advanced, peaceful citizens who raised and taught her. As I look through my free digital “What we published this week” book by DC, I can clearly see that the entire DCnU is completely dark. They must think they’re EC Comics. They’re going after the gamers who live for the bloody, violent, often misogynist role games that are so popular these days. Well, good for them. Just please don’t drag Wonder Woman into it.

    “But the myths were misogynistic,” blah blah blah. This is the modern world. Times have changed, much for the better. Despite what many Republicans believe, people don’t have to devolve in order to live with each other.

    WW should not be a misogynist book. It should be a powerfully optimistic, humanist book that makes its readers cheer when they read it. Ask people on the street what they think of Wonder Woman. This is the world view that DC should be catering to. Instead, I wouldn’t be surprised if this version of WW ultimately grows a penis in this very male-centric world.

  • Kevin

    I’ve only gotten acquainted with Wonder Woman in a video game, Justice League Unlimited, and a neighbor who happens to be a hardcore fan’s recounting of how epic she is. When I started reading this article I couldn’t imagine what could’ve gone wrong.

    Then I read the spoilers, learned about the new version of the Amazons, chuckled to myself at how brutal (in a good way) that was, then kept reading.

    By the end of this article I was just as infuriated as you, Eric. You hammered the point home. Superman and Batman’s origin stories have been pure and honest since day 1, minute 1. DC would never make villains of their parents or desecrate their backgrounds. The reason I found the spoilers funny at first was because this really has become typical storytelling today, and I’m just so accustomed to it I never really put much thought into hew deeply twisted it was.

    This is painfully banal, and I feel your pain. But as you said, the one good thing about comic heroes is that they never stay in the same arc for long. Let’s hope for a better Wonder Woman for tomorrow.

  • Devin

    I’m sorry, but you are whining. This retcon was awesome. Now, instead of having the amazons be over-idealic and unbelievably boring, and they have a flaw, and not only do they have a flaw, but it’s one the writer has turned into an awesome part of the mythology. Honestly, if you are so childish as to have something like this drive you away from Wonder Woman, then you weren’t a real fan. Wonder Woman is one of the best books DC is publishing right now. I’m sorry you can’t let go of the terrible state WW’s franchise was in over the past few decades and are upset that the Amazons are now being portrayed as flawed human beings. If you don’t want to enjoy a good comic, that’s your decision.

  • Susan

    How exactly does this change mean that Amazons empower themselves through destroying men? Did the entire fact that they, as mothers, made a deal so that they wouldn’t be bound to kill their children due to tradition go over your head? Did you not read the pages where Wonder Woman IMMEDIATELY embraced them as brothers and sought to free them from what she believed to be slavery? As a woman, I find the idea that any portrayal of women that doesn’t show us to be completely perfect is anti-women to be highly suspect. There is nothing for DC, Dan Didio, Brian Azzarello, or anyone else at DC to be apologetic for. All they did was make a good comic.

  • Eric Diaz

    @Carol- yeah, in many ways I agree with you. Believe me. I loathed Amazons Attack when it came out, and I remember thinking that with the whole “New 52” reboot, that horrible chapter in Amazon history would be erased at least. Be careful what you wish for….

    @Kevin-thanks for your comments. I agree, despite being talked about as part of the “DC Trinity”, DC Comics really doesn’t, and never has, held Wonder Woman or her history in the same regard as the other two, despite being a cultural icon.

    @Devin- The Amazons, at least for the past thirty years or so, have always been flawed. They might have been peace loving, etc, but they were xenophobic and lived in fear of man based on ancient memories. This caused them to make lots of bad decisions over the years. They were never perfect. Those things are ACTUAL flaws. Murdering people in cold blood for no reason and selling children into slavery aren’t flaws,they’re deeply criminal traits. If you had a friend who told you he did that, you wouldn’t think “oh well, that’s his flaw” you’d think “this fucker needs to be locked up.” And I don’t believe that overly idealistic = boring. These characters were created to represent ideals, not trample on them.

    @Susan- Hey, I’m glad that Diana isn’t being portrayed as a monster too, at least not yet. Although, having been raised by a society women who clearly view males as something less than human, it completely throws her origin story out the window too. Why wouldn’t she share these views, if her entire culture does? Why didn’t they just kill Steve Trevor when he came to the Island? Why send Diana to Man’s World to teach them the ways of peace if you think man is a loathsome animal who should be thrown overboard the minute you are done screwing them? 2+2 does not =4 here. I don’t require the Amazons to be perfect. I don’t require any comic book character to perfect. How many stories have been done about questionable actions that Prof.X took in secret behind the X-Men’s backs? I’ve lost count. But none of those actions were bad enough to make him an outright monster and completely destroy his character. The Amazons were the oldest example in mainstream comics of a positive female society, and 70 years later still one of the few. Again, I don’t need them to be “perfect”. But there’s a difference between having no flaws at all and the other extreme: cold blooded murderers and child enslavers. If you can’t see that then I might as well be talking to a brick wall.

  • DocNoc

    If I recall, the Amazons that Marston created didn’t need men, and their population was molded from clay, remember how Diana was “created”? That was how Marston explained it and I believe that if an Amazon were to comsummate with a male, she would lose her immortality. Hence the Earth-two Diana who married Steve Trevor and had Lyta, was ageing. As far as the new stuff… you can keep it. Haven’t cared much for Dc Comics after Crises on Infinite Earths in 86.

  • Anthony

    Here’s another life long fan who’s done too. I just can’t bare to watch anymore… 36 years of continuous purchasing of the title is over. I guess DC comics wanted to outgrow me….

  • Anthony

    Don’t give up, there is hope! And yeah, this page link is RIGHT!
    This reboot is soooo wrong and so messed up and white washing in so many ways, it’s not even funny and those who so-called like it are a bunch of sheep. And whats really bad about the DC new 52 is that it is being fueled by ego. And thats never a good thing. EVER.

    Like many fans with enough common sense that realize this reboot is terrible,

  • Robb

    I couldn’t agree more. I have a weekend tradition: start reading the week’s titles with Justice League and end with Wonder Woman. Everything else goes in between. The theory was, if I bookended the week’s offerings with my two favorites, I could at least guarantee a good beginning and end. Not this week. After watching sweet Billy Batson turn into a manipulative brat, I had to stop. I could feel my heart breaking. I waited a full 24 hours before going back to my pile. After slogging through a Nightwing that rehashed what I had just read in Batman, another Birds of Prey that went nowhere fast, and a Catwoman that sealed the deal for me never having to pick another one up, I thought the whole weekend would be redeemed by Wonder Woman. Boy was I wrong. In fact, I had to read the issue three times to make sure I was understanding it properly. I think I did, and your commentary solidified it for me. I’m stunned. The New 52 is, for me, an out and out disaster. I’ve been a DC guy my entire life. I’ve happily debated against Marvel-cenctric friends and coworkers for years. But I’m done. There’s no justification for what DC’s done. I will never condone a company in their efforts to keep modern, gain new customers, and grow their business, but at this point all they’ve done is confuse good storytelling with shock value, water down their image, and lose fans. Including this one.

  • joely-chan

    azarello’s take this week reminded me a lot of feminist author Doris Lessings the Cleft http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cleft —- i feel as though western societal values and mickey mouse idealism of the old DC wonder woman stories could use an update – doesnt make author or story inherently misogynist and all amazon’s “evil” and its irresponsible to be so inflammatory…but i like to think of women as more complex than mothers and peace bringers….thats just me…. were only 7 issues in, and heres to hoping we learn more about the conflicted cultural values/identities that Diana and her sisters live with – its fine to not like it as a matter of taste – but its definitely working on some level if its facilitating discussion –

  • Congratulations at jumping off the one time Wonder Woman has both strong sales and critical acclaim. You seem very proud at being unable to adapt, but the fact is Wonder Woman has underperformed for decades despite strong name recognition, and the character as you liked her was disliked by more of the purchasing audience.

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  • Eric Diaz

    @Aaron Poehler- first off, I’m old enough to know that this is NOT the first time Wonder Woman has had strong sales and critical acclaim. The George Perez reboot era, from ’86-91 or so, had excellent reviews and sold well, at least as well as this version, adjusted for what comics sold then etc. It’s not like “Wonder Woman sold in the 40’s, and then never again.” And it is not lost one me that this version of Wonder Woman is exactly what the 90% heterosexual 18-34 year old male audience that buys comics wants from her. It is not lost on me at all.

  • Jerry Ferraccio

    Defending this travesty of an interpretation by citing sales figures, “believability” etc. is laughable and disingenuous. Popularity does not equal quality. The point the die-hard fans (the ones who actually know the character) are trying to make is that DC has so fundamentally altered Diana (the fork she thrust through Strife’s hand should have clarified the fact that she is not the same) that it’s degrading, insulting, and contrary to the original intention of the character. The Amazons as murderous sluts, Hippolyta the oversexed liar, naked Hera and nearly naked Strife (notice all the GODS have their clothes on) and the whole degrading, trashy mess is only a misogynistic, fan boy wet dream (right down to the tentacle attack from Poseidon) Some semi-nifty artistic interpretations (Hades), although nothing we haven’t seen better in the Vertigo Sandman,
    Jumping off this nauseating mess and speaking with your money is the only way DC will pay attention (not that I expect them to do the right thing). Compared to this , the whole Nemesis-excuse-for-a-costume-change was brilliant.

  • Jerry Ferraccio

    When “writer Brian” Azzarello stated that his take on Wonder Woman is as a “horror book,” I think he was misheard. He said either “horrible book” or “whore book,” based on this dreck.

  • Johnny Lovely

    I hate to say it but that’s actually getting deeper into her Amazon roots. The Amazon women in Greek mythology actually do see men every three years to have sex with them and then give birth the next day, it was even in an episode of Supernatural.

  • The Wonder is Gone

    @Johnny Lovely: It’s NOT taking her back to *her* roots. The Amazons of Myth were a concept used in her creation, but that’s it, a foundation that was built upon with aspects of peace, truth, and justice. Yes, there’s been sexism shown from Diana’s Amazons, and there has been misogynistic views placed on Diana, but for almost one century, Diana and the Anazons were a peaceful “race” and were meant to inspire women (and men) that women were/ are every bit as powerful as men, and that they’re deserving of equal place and opportunity. They were to be looked at as an example of peace, and that no matter the gender, it is something to strive for.

    To depict the Amazons as having murderous intent and no loyalty or love for equality among genders, is no different than portraying a feminist as a “man-hater.” Going “back” to mythological roots also diminishes all that Diana stands for. It diminishes the science fiction aspects of Diana and her home, and it detracts from Diana and her Amazon family being healers and filled with compassion. It may show Diana herself as one strong in that respect, compared to how she was raised, but really, it only truly serves as a way to put down strong, independent women who may not necessarily need a man into schizophrenic murderers and a people whose ideals are to be mocked and challenged.

    Diana was not someone of ancient Greek myth, but a modern vision of a world where women are NOT treated less than a male. Now she is a victim of a scarred upbringing who now has “daddy issues,” a tired and generic formula for any character today, and that too just diminishes the role of Wonder Woman.

    As others pointed out, they would not do this to Superman or Batman, especially the latter. In any case, DC isn’t taking Diana back to her “roots”, they’re just taking her “backwards”.

  • Jesse

    Welcome to the team. Didiois the devil and DC died summer 2011.

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  • gene

    Eric – I agree with you 1000%.

  • Simon’s cat

    Well, you should not have bought any of this WW crap anyway, much less 7 issues!What is hlarious is that sales are back to summer 2010 levels already having lost 55k in less than a year, still DC and some sites claim it is a commercial sucess LOL

  • Will

    Your assessment of the New 52 Wonder Woman comic is right on target. I loved the character since I was 5yrs old because of all the things she stood for. This version makes me feel like DC ripped my heart out. I refuse to buy anything from the New 52 from now on. Keep up your resistance.

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  • Joshua

    “I don’t like on issue so i’m boycotting the entire New 52. FIFTY TWO different comic runs”

    Feminists really are the worst consumers. I liked it, and i’m normally the on vocally against the new ‘darker’ universe of the reboot. The Amazons are supposed to be a strong, ferocious, female only warrior society and this really does answer the proverbial ‘where do babies come from’ question for them.

  • Eric Diaz

    First off, thanks for reading my article Joshua. But no where in this article did I ever say I was boycotting the entire new 52 Universe. Not once. I still read many Bat books, and Earth-2. Not sure what you’re quoting there, but it’s not me and it’s not from this article.

    Second, who says what the Amazons are “supposed” to be? 70 years of DC lore certainly doesn’t say they’re supposed to be that way. As for the proverbial answer to the “where do babies come from” question, again…for 70+ years the Amazons have been immortal. The question simply never needed to be posed.

  • fiftyoddkickback

    My biggest problem with Wonder Woman is I can’t find a picture of her where she doesn’t look sleazy, unless you go back a ways. Wonder Woman lost her way when she became all boobs and provocative poses. She could be awesome…but she isn’t. As a woman I would never pick her to represent my idea of a strong woman. Then again, I’m super conservative so my idea of a strong woman is someone who keeps her family together, her act together and does it with humor, love and intelligence.

  • Glenn1441

    There is absolutely no historical or even mythological evidence that Amazons cut off their right breast to improve drawing a bow. This long-standing bit of BS came about because the ancient Greeks themselves could not decipher the etymology of the word ‘amazon,’ with many contributing their own theories to the confusion. In the end, one must refer to all available art forms of the ancient world. Not one statue or other depiction in marble, bronze or stone, and not one portrayal on Greek pottery, of Amazons without a right breast. And the Amazons were a wildly popular motif in ancient Greek art. Anything after that, from ancient Roman times through to the present, is merely speculation and wishful thinking at its worst.

  • Eamonn Deane

    Will you try the Greg Rucka penned WW book for the DC Rebirth?

  • I love that book!

  • Winter

    “This is akin to DC coming out now and saying that Thomas and Martha Wayne were secretly drug dealers, and their deaths were a retaliation hit”. Ha Ha Ha! Five years later DC did just that in Batman: The Telltale Series only instead of drug dealers they were mob bosses. Well at least DC has proven that they will screw over a character’s origin no matter what gender they are.