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Horror Movie Night Episode 89 – Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan (Live at the Brickwall Tavern)

Friday 7th April 2017 by Saintmort

If there’s one thing the world of horror needs, it’s a movie where an undead killer stalks teenagers on a boat that can teleport from a closed lake to the open ocean. Really, there MUST be a market for that, right? To the people clambering for such a film, we bestow upon you this live discussion of Friday the 13th VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989), taped at the Brickwall Tavern in Burlington, New Jersey – that’s close enough to NYC, right? Matt and Scott are joined by punk rock supervillain Johnny Neutrino, whose last name Matt battles the entire episode. If you missed the HMN crew at Monster Mania 36, here’s your chance to get in on that strangely bloodless teen-killing massacre of a weekend. You’re at a bar with friends and weirdos are on stage making somewhat inappropriate jokes, better make it a double for this week’s (live) episode of Horror Movie Night!

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