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Horror Movie Night Episode 105: The Beast Within (1982)

Thursday 10th August 2017 by Saintmort
We here at Horror Movie Night love werewolf movies, and talk about our love of werewolf movies often. So of course one of us had to pick the werecicada masterpiece that is 1982’s The Beast Within! We are immediately greeted with really gross, really explicit r-stuff, then a lot of talking and pointless exposition, some weird murders off-camera, more exposition, more bad acting (though the cast is giving 110% onscreen), crazy teen-to-bug transformation, more murders, more exposition, oh and then one last bit of r-stuff to top this insane sundae off just right. No one was really happy to watch this one, but at least we could commiserate on how it made us all feel (dirty and confused). So if you want to feel like we did and/or relive what your bodies went through during puberty, strap in for this week’s episode of Horror Movie Night!

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