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Horror Movie Night Episode 104: Stung (2015)

Thursday 3rd August 2017 by Saintmort
Longtime listeners know, there’s one thing that always makes the hosts of Horror Movie Night happy – monster bug guts! What did you think we were going to say, you perverts? This week, Adam is called away on serious business (probably making maple syrup, eh?) so Matt and Scott go into anaphylactic shock over 2015’s mutant wasp (NOT BEES) movie Stung. With no angry Canadian to keep them on topic, they spend a third of the episode talking about other mutant insects and how much better the powers they imbue their heroes with… Anything to avoid the implications of the larvae scene in this movie. Light a citronella candle and get out the Off spray, unless you want to have a giant sky demon burst forth from your mangled carcass, but hey we’re not judging you here on Horror Movie Night!

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