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Here’s Some Of The Coolest Cosplay From This Year’s Fan Expo Vancouver!

Tuesday 14th November 2017 by Mikaela Maxwell

We had so much fun at this year’s Fan Expo Vancouver.

From a long-anticipated Skyrim VR demo, to some amazing panels and performances, this year’s Fan Expo Vancouver was a treasure trove of great memories. We saw a ton of people, spent too much money, and laughed harder than we had in as long as we can remember (read all about my experience here).

I had the opportunity to interview a myriad of cool cosplayers, so be sure to look out for another cosplay-focussed piece in the coming days. There were simply too, too  many incredible cosplay artists roaming the show floor (and surrounding area), however, so here’s a look at some of the very best cosplay outfits that Fan Expo Vancouver attendees had to offer!

Harley Quinn – aliferouxs, Joker – mxrningstar

50’s Leia – kerri_lowe, Snow White – Eleighapie

Eileen The Crow – spearhead_solaire

Ursula – marcrovich

Wood Elf – tiramisuterror

Ariel and Snow White – dc_sisters_cosplay, Assassin’s Creed –  lullabyedespise, tribalbob41
Cyber Rin – Mahoumelon, Cruella Deville – Shaylakeelymay

Judge Dredd – ctmonks, The Countess – anigma-ashley

Enchanted Princess Kingdom

Leia Staked Jaba The Hutt – amyleeradigan


The Boss – laurenbamlett

Pikachu – Michael Wang

Left Sharks – vodkablitz, twizzleys, kaitienicholas

But wait, there’s more! I had the opportunity to ask some really cool cosplayers some questions about their work. From an amazing Chappy, to Dva’s mech (made of balloons), to a Jupiter Jones dress that took over 150 hours to make, it’s all pretty incredible. Look for that piece in the next few days!