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Hashtag Collectibles Unleashes The Water Bear Mini!

Monday 13th March 2017 by Natalie Kipper

Fans of unusual plushes are going to get a kick out of this. Previously, Hashtag Collectibles created a Stuffed Water Bear (also known as a Tardigrade). I love the blue dude but he is admittedly pretty large and if that was an issue for you in the past, your Water Bear-envy days are at finally an end.

Hashtag Collectibles now has the Water Bear Mini. Each of these smaller plushes measures nine inches by five inches, which is quite a difference from the original’s 18 inches by 10 and half inches. And while it may have shrunk in size, it is clear that the critter’s cuteness remains intact.

Now that you have seen and, undoubtably fallen in love with, the Water Bear Mini, one question remains: how do you buy it? Well, you have two options. You can buy an individual Water Bear Mini for $14.99 or purchase the “Water Bear Special,” which is six plushes for the cost of five ($74.95). And of course, if you live by the motto “Go Big or Go Home,” there is always the original Stuffed Water Bear, priced at $39.99. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these options, personally.