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Hashtag Collectibles’ New Puppets Let You Manipulate Birds And Axolotls With Ease

Monday 14th August 2017 by Natalie Kipper

If you ever dreamed of training an owl or axolotl, now is your chance. Well, you can come close anyways. Hashtag Collectibles added two new plush puppets to their line-up, the Potoo (it’s a bird, in case you are having trouble with that one) and the Axolotl. I was cracking up over these guys and want to share my mirth with you, dear readers.

The Potoo is a true winner in my book. Look at its face and I dare you not to crack a smile. If you head over to its product listing , you can see the fluffy dude in action. I adore its big eyes. It just looks so incredibly goofy. Mother Nature (and Hashtag Collectibles) certainly has a sense of humor.

The Potoo puppet measures 9 inches tall and costs $19.99.

Like the Potoo puppet, you can see clips of the Axolotl puppet in-use on its product page. This one has to be seen in motion to be fully appreciated, I think. Don’t get me wrong; I adore this one as well. I just don’t think the photo does it justice. When the puppet opens its mouth, it looks a bit like its smiling. To my knowledge, axolotls don’t smile but I find it endearing all the same.

The Axolotl puppet measures 11 inches long and costs $19.99.

Oh and Hashtag Collectibles has also restocked their Sam and Max Max plush ($29.99). I know a ton of people were waiting for a while for the guy to come back so I wouldn’t sit on this one if you are considering buying him.