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Geeky Tiki

Friday 16th June 2017 by TinyNightmare

It’s no shocker the new trend is tiki everything. While some of us may find our inner geek in all things tiki, there are still those of us who like to kick it old school and keep our geekdom more, well, traditional. But if you’ve been trying to figure out how to cash in on this trend and still stick to your roots, here is a short list of our favorite Geeky Tikis:


  1. Now obviously, your first stop might be to Geekitikis.com to find a wide array of all things Geeky and Tiki. The craftsmanship isn’t too bad either. As far as content goes? Well, they have all things Star Wars related (including a Jabba the Hutt, Yoda and Boba Fett), as well as Marvel, TMNT, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek and classic Monsters. So, if you’re looking for a catch-all Geeky Tiki fix head over there to start your own collection or grab a gift for someone else. These Tiki Mugs are created and manufactured by a toy company who have offices in Marina del Rey, Ca and Hong Kong which means these guys are not limited run editions. In fact, there is a button on their website in case people want to be wholesalers. So, while these tikis are cool talking pieces – they definitely aren’t rare or hard to come by, but they are a great way to start your Geeky Tiki Collection!
  2. Now as you get into a bit more of the collectible tiki mugs you’ll want to do some research on modern artists who are reviving this vintage tradition. One of the most prolific names in Tiki Art and Mug sculpting is Tiki Farm. These Mugs are always collectible since they are only produced in limited quantities. Tiki Farm will often team up larger companies and restaurants to produce some interesting and collectible items.One of my favorite Tiki Farm collaborations is Mondo Teekis “Alien” Tiki Mug, inspired by the James Cameron classic, ALIENS. While this tiki is currently sold out and will be shipping out this summer, it looks like Mondo will be having a consistent line of Geeky Tiki Mugs being released for the foreseeable future. According to their website it looks like their next release will be a mug based on The Iron Giant – so stay tuned because the drawings look great!
  3. For all the horror fans out there, there is a Tiki producer, Horror in Clay whose Cthulu Tiki has gotten some recognition. However, there is a very small tiki sculptor on Etsy by the name of Kachaktano Mugs who I think has a way better Cthulu design. When it comes to tiki, it’s all about the art to me and less about the name! Besides it could become collectible one day!
  4. If Walking Dead is your thing, you’re in luck! One of the most popular, classic tiki drinks is a Zombie! One of the most sought after vintage tiki mugs is a creepy zombie mug designed by Verne Langdon. It’s gruesome, it’s creepy, it makes me want hide in the corner of my room waiting for the impending zombie apocalypse with my hoard of vape samples from zamplebox.com.

My favorite Geeky Tiki that was recently released was the Hitchhiking ghosts tiki mug released at Disneyland this past Halloween season. Inspired by the Haunted Mansion ride this Geeky Tiki is double collectible because it’s a tiki and it’s a limited release from Disney, not too mention the art is definitely on point! It sold out within a few days, which means it’s definitely a good ebay gift for a special geeky tiki someone!

  • I have a Donatello TMNT one!!!