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Geekscape’s San Diego Comic-Con Schedule 2017!

Wednesday 19th July 2017 by Derek Kraneveldt

San Diego Comic-Con is finally here!

We’ve met so, so many of you over the years, and the greatest thing about SDCC each year isn’t the incredible panels, bankruptcy-inducing exclusives, blink and you’ll miss them celebrities, or you better take pictures because your friends won’t believe you parties, but honestly seeing you ‘Scapists, new and old at our booth, catching up, and really feeling the culture that we try all year, every year, to create and sustain.

Every year at San Diego Comic-Con, we meet some new friends, gain a few writers, and have an incredible, re-energizing (and absolutely exhausting) time, and that’s what Geekscape is all about.

There’s always a ton of new stuff going on at Geekscape, and one of our biggest focusses over the past year has been to expand and solidify our lineup of awesome podcasts. After a short (but still too long) hiatus, the main Geekscape podcast has returned (thanks Westwood One) and is better than ever, Geekscape Games hasn’t changed a bit (yeah, Shane is still there and still offensive), Matt Kelly and Horror Movie Night is still showing off its incredible fan base (and showing off some cool new t-shirts at our booth this weekend), 90’s TV Hour is nostalgic AF, Seven of Wine is the coolest combo of alcohol and nerdiness in existence, Depths of Gaming is deeper than we could imagine, and we have even more cool shows in the works (and hopefully Geeks

Of course, we’ve got some pretty cool stuff going on at SDCC too. We’ll be in the same, familiar booth as last year, #3919 (with some sweet, sweet new t-shirts to boot), and we have an awesome signing schedule which you can find below.

Thursday, July 20th

11-12PM – Vault Comics ‘Powerless’

2-3PM – Brandon Easton

Friday, July 21st

12-1PM – Yehudi Mercado

2-3PM – ‘Stripped’s Frederick Schroeder

1-2PM – John Hennigan (John Morrison / Johnny Mundo)

Saturday, July 22nd

11-12PM – Dweeb Darlings

1-2PM – ‘The Monster Squad’s Andre Gower and Ryan Lambert

2-3PM – MegaRan

4:30-5:30PM – The Geek History Podcast Meetup

5:30-6:30PM – Fanbase Press and the creators of ‘Quince’

Sunday, July 23rd

12-1PM – MegaRan

1-2PM – DangerKatt Comics

See? Lots! Come by, get a sweet new shirt, and say hey to Jonathan, Matt, Derek, and the rest of the gang!