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Geekscape’s San Diego Comic-Con Schedule 2016!

Sunday 17th July 2016 by Derek Kraneveldt

It’s finally, finally here!

No, not SDCC, dummy. You’ll have to wait until Wednesday for that. I’m talking about the booth info and signing schedule for the Geekscape booth!

We’ve met so, so many of you over the years, and the greatest thing about San Diego Comic-Con each year isn’t the incredible panels, bankruptcy-inducing exclusives, blink and you’ll miss them celebrities, or you better take pictures because your friends won’t believe you parties, but honestly seeing you ‘Scapists, new and old at our booth, catching up, and really feeling the culture that we try all year, every year, to create and sustain. Every year at San Diego Comic-Con, we meet some new friends, gain a few writers, and have an incredible, re-energizing (and absolutely exhausting) time, and that’s what Geekscape is all about.

There’s always a lot of new stuff going on here at Geekscape. We’ve got some “sick vids” as Shane O’Hare would (probably) say up on GeekscapeTV (and everyone is loving our newest correspondent El Chucho), The Geekscape podcast celebrated its 400th episode (and you can watch the entire, production-value filled video right here) and has made the jump from TRadioV to sister brand ZHollywood; Geekscape Games has lasted longer than anyone thought it would, and has now been running for nearly two years, and the Horror Movie Club podcast is over a year old, and is taking the internet by storm.

Of course, we’ve got some pretty cool stuff going on at SDCC too. We’ll be in the same, familiar booth as last year, #3919, and have an awesome signing schedule which you can find below.

Thursday, July 21st


12PM-1PM – Heidi Cox (Stalking Lavar)


1PM-2PM – Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hollow)


2PM-3PM – SG Browne (Breathers, Lucky Bastard)


4PM-5PM – Ben Begley (The Funhouse MassacreThe Hangover Games)

Friday, July 22nd


12PM-1PM – Jason Inman and Ashley Robinson (The Red Shirt DiariesGeek History Lesson)



2PM-3PM – Director Eric Dean Seaton (Legend of the Mantamaji)


4-5PM – The Space Command cast with creator Marc Zicree!


5PM-6PM – Judd Winick (Green LanternPedro and MeHilo)

Saturday, July 23rd



12PM-1PM – The Dweeb Darlings


2PM-3PM – Daniel Corey (Moriarty)


4PM-5PM – Judd Winick  (Green LanternPedro and MeHilo)

How’s that for jam-packed?

Remember, you can find us at booth #3919 all weeks! We hope to see you there!

Also, we have some sweet, sweet t-shirts for sale, so if you want to represent, you know where to pick one up!

What are you most looking forward to this SDCC?