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Geekscape Unboxes: The Loot Anime January 2017 Crate!

Thursday 9th February 2017 by Natalie Kipper

Just like Alice venturing down the rabbit hole, we embark on our own unboxing adventure, brought to us from the good folks from Loot Crate! This time, we will be digging through the January 2017 Loot Anime crate. The theme for January was “Dimension” and I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see what’s inside!

This is the sight that greeted me upon opening the package. As always, the goods were securely packed and in good condition upon arrival.

Let’s take a peak at the poster. January features art drawn by Madeleine Rosca. It looks like Loot Anime’s mascot, Yume, has become some sort of magical girl/mage, complete with the Loot Crate logo hidden on her costume and weapon.

I noticed some intriguing box art when I opened the package and, once removing the contents and dismantling it, I was rewarded with this picture. It depicts two different yet parallel worlds, a perfect fit for this month’s theme.

The book included this time actually a light novel rather than a manga, Log Horizon: The Beginning of Another World, Volume 1. The book is published by Yen Press and I believe what makes it a Loot Crate-exclusive is its cover but I am not certain.

Hailing from Sword Art Online II is this Asuna prize figure, made by Banpresto. The figure is relatively detailed for its size and made up of two parts plus a stand and base. I will say that getting the figure to fit with stand was a bit of a chore but it was worth it. The base also has some art on it.

The second exclusive item is a Re:Zero Rem and Ram rotating picture frame. The quality of the art on the frame is good but I think the size and shape of the frame may be a but awkward when attempting to add actual photos inside.

The was another Sword Art Online item in the crate, a pair of Asuna socks. Apparently subscribers either received these ones or socks with the male hero, Kirito, on them.

This shirt features Jibril from No Game No Life. The tee has a babydoll cut, which I am personally not a fan of. It’s a shame, really; the colorful art is beautiful.

The final item is the Loot Anime monthly mobile charm. It has Yume in the same outfit from the poster. I dig her outfit so I am pretty fond of this one.

February’s upcoming box’s theme is “Together” and will feature items from One Piece GoldHailyū!!, The Boy and The Beast, and Mr. Osomatsu. Look forward to it!

If this unboxing has you interested in subscribing, you can get some money off of your first Crate either by following this link or entering “Geekscape” into the promo code area upon checkout.

[This unboxing was based on a sample provided by Loot Crate. All opinions are my own.]