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Geekscape Unboxes: The Loot Anime August 2017 Crate!

Thursday 7th September 2017 by Natalie Kipper

Grab your apron and pin on that name tag because Loot Anime’s August crate carries the theme, “Work for it!” The anime featured in this shipment all center around jobs (albeit unconventional ones). We’ve got Gin TamaBungo Stray Dogs (cue inner-fangirl yelling), Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and Soul Eater. Let’s get to work, guys!

The poster art for this shipment was drawn by Lim Wei Lun and depicts Loot Anime’s purple-haired mascot Yume working as a barista. She looks so pleased to serve that freshly-prepared coffee! Dang it, now I kind of want some. As always, flipping the poster over reveals a pictorial summary of what items are included in the crate.

This Banpresto prize figure of Gintoki from Gin Tama was the only item in this shipment that was not exclusive to Loot Anime. All things considered, the figure itself was impressive in size, standing about 7 and a half inches tall. However, it arrived in the box unassembled and putting it together was moderately frustrating. Gintoki’s sword and scabbard simply did not want to stay put in their appropriate spots. The scabbard portion was the worst. Oh and despite spending a day airing out, the figure still smells like paint.

As a huge fan of Bungo Stray Dogs, I was thrilled to learn that Loot Anime would have an item themed to the series in this crate. The item in question is pouch made to look like the journal that Kunikida Doppo uses in the series. Just like in the show, the cover reads “risou” or “Ideals” in Japanese. The pouch would make a great accessory for cosplay! It also fits a New Nintendo 3DS (not the XL – the one with the face plates) quite nicely. This was my favorite item in the crate.

The third item was also one that could be used on a daily basis, a Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid journal. The cover has a matte finish with gold accents used on Tohru the dragon maid’s silhouette along with the title. The pages inside are unlined and have art in the bottom corner of the right-hand page as well as a “scale” border around each page. The book itself was high-quality and I can see many people getting use out of it.

The included manga for this month was volume one of Atsushi Ohkubo’s Soul Eater. This Loot Anime-exclusive version of the manga has an embossed cover.

The phone charm for this crate resembles one of the to-go coffee cups you might get at many of the popular coffee joints these days. This one reads “Loot Anime Cafe” on the label. Interestingly, while the majority of the phone charms are made of metal, this one is composed of plastic. I dig it.

The last thing I found in my crate was a clever ad for the two-night theatrical release of Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro, directed by Hayao Miyazaki. In celebration of the famous thief’s 50 anniversary, the movie will be in theaters nationwide on September 14 and September 19. Tickets are available for purchase here.

If this unboxing has you interested in subscribing, you can get some money off of your first crate either by following this link or entering “Geekscape” into the promo code area upon checkout.

[This unboxing was based on a sample provided by Loot Crate. All opinions are my own.]