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Geekscape Tech Review: TYLT Flipstick and Flipcard Portable Power Packs

Friday 12th May 2017 by GadgetMan

Yes, I have reviewed a lot of mobile batteries, but this would be the first time that I reviewed a TYLT product on this particular website of geeky excitement. Allow me to introduce you to the Flipstick and Flipcard from TYLT, and explain how they differ from mobile batteries.

So What Makes TYLT Flipstick and Flipcard Different from Most Mobile Batteries?

The short answer is: not much. When you review as many mobile batteries that as I, then you look for certain commonalities. For example, most of these mobile batteries have these four indicator lights to show how much power is in there. There’s usually a button so you can see how much power you have and to begin charging.

Let’s Talk Specs for the TYLT Flipstick and Flipcard

The Flipstick, the smaller of the mobile batteries, is good for 3,350 mAh (good for a charge on a smartphone), and it has an input/output for a 1 Amp USB port. The Flipcard is made for 5,000 mAh (good for 2 charges of a smartphone), and it has a 2.4 Amp output.

Here’s what both of them have in common: you can get them for the micro-USB, Lightning, and Type-C connector. You will notice how the USB plugs and other connectors plug into it. It is rather interesting, honestly.

Price for the TYLT Flipstick and Flipcard

You should be able to purchase the Flipstick on the TYLT site here for $29.99, and the Flipcard on the TYLT site here for $49.99.