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Geekscape Tech Review: Thinium ReCHARGE+

Tuesday 29th November 2016 by GadgetMan

This is the Thinium ReCHARGE+, and it is made for micro USB Android phones.This particular charger is not made to be a charger and case like other products, but is a decent enough mobile battery. I have been noticing a particular trend in mobile batteries to have these prongs that fold out so you can plug it into the wall, and that certainly makes the Thinium ReCHARGE+ the charger for everybody.

The Thinium ReCHARGE+ is essentially a plastic rectangle that has some great stuff on it. It has this micro USB that can just pop out at the bottom, and then you can plug in the ReCHARGE+ to charge it up. I used these image progressions to show how it works, and it is pretty cool how it pops in an out like that. By the way, there are some suction cups included to make certain that your Android phone stays in one place.

To recharge the ReCHARGE+, you just extend the USB connector and plug it into a USB port, because every device has one these days. By the way, the ReCHARGE+ has a USB port for charging other things. So if you have the other electric devices, and you have the USB cord, then you should use it.

I highly recommend the Thinium ReCHARGE+ if you have an Android phone or any other remote device, then it really comes in handy. It is available on the Thinium site for about $69.99.

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