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Geekscape Tech Review: Pixel Pals, The Street Fighter Kind!

Saturday 13th May 2017 by GadgetMan

I had a chance to review a lot of great products from PDP during the last holiday season, and I gave them good reviews of their gaming accessories. It would appear that the company has made something great for gamers with Pixel Pals.

What Are Pixel Pals?

Imagine if you took some of your favorite 8-bit characters, like those from Mario, or old-school Zelda and then enlarged them to the size of a small pet. Yeah, you would see a lot of great square pixel action, and now imagine them lighting up.

These are Pixel Pals, and you can get them with Mario, Luigi, 8-bit Link, Mega Man, and Vault Boy. The ones that I got to try out are Chun Li and Ryu, from the hit Street Fighter Game. Actually, more from Street Fighter II, as that was a huge hit back in the early nineties, and honestly, I don’t remember these two characters ever looking this 8-bit before.

Are Pixel Pals Worth It?

I am honestly not certain, but I think time will tell. It seems like someone is trying to make things that are collectible on purpose. You know those Pop Vinyl dolls? Will those really be worth anything after all these years? Yeah, I don’t know.

So, if you purchase a set of Pixel Pals, will it be worth nothing? Hey, if you like little things like this, they will always hold a great place in your heart. So why not purchase them?

Price of the Pixel Pals

You can get the on the PDP site for about $14.99 each, and you will need to invest in a couple of AAA batteries.


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