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Geekscape Tech Review: JVC HA-ET50BT Sports Inner Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Sunday 18th June 2017 by GadgetMan

It is time for another review of another pair of earbuds. Not just any earbuds, but some wireless earbuds! And not just any wireless earbuds, but ones for athletes!

Yeah, you have seen this before. However, these are from JVC! And that is one brand that is well-known in the audio world.

What is not different about the JVC HA-ET50BT Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones?

All right, let’s figure out what is different about the JVC HA-ET50BT. Well, they have that wire that connects together so they go on the back of the neck. They also have that 3 sizes of regular ear pieces, and then there is the full function microphone.

So, do we want to talk about earbuds that are similar?

Yeah, let’s just do that, here:

The ZAGG iFrogz, Charisma, Summit and Impulse

Jabra Sports Pulse Special Edition

Beyerdynamic BT Wireless Premium Earbuds

Just do a search for “Earbuds” on Geekscape and knock yourself out. Most of the features there look similar.

What is different about the JVC HA-ET50BT Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones?

I’m not certain about the range, but it is 32.8 feet, which I believe is a step up from the usual 30 foot range. You can also get 9 hours of operation on a single charge, so I’ll let you decide if that is enough.

Like most wireless earbuds, they are good for a water resistant design (IPX5), but that isn’t standard for all. There is a great support for AE Run and Music training, and a magnetic clasp.

Now that is unique! I don’t know if this is also unique, but it has an anti-slip material.

The Price of the JVC HA-ET50BT Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones?

You know what’s weird? I can’t find this on the JVC site, at least to buy? Here’s a way to purchase it on Amazon if you like, and it will send you to other sellers.