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Geekscape Tech Review: Epson EX9200 Pro Wireless WUXGA 3LCD Projector

Saturday 15th April 2017 by GadgetMan

Okay, here’s the deal. I do a lot of reviews here, and I was quite excited about this one, and I hope it shows. Of course, the number one reason that I was excited about reviewing the EX9200 Pro Wireless WUXGA 3LCD Projector is because it is a projector. Sure, that is obvious, but if you have a blank wall, then you might as well get yourself a projector so you can make it a television or a secondary monitor.

So What Does the Epson EX9200 Come With?

The answer is: enough. You can see from the featured illustration how sleek and black that it is, which makes it look pretty technologically sexy. Okay, I got that praise out of the way, so let’s about what it comes with with the computer cable (VGA) and USB cable. For setup, it is really all that you need.

Also, it comes with a carrying case that isn’t hard, and gives you mild protection. There is a handle there, but it isn’t very big. Its more designed for carrying it room to room rather than on an airplane.

The remote control is all set up to go, complete with batteries, ready to hear input from the moment you plug the EX9200 in.

So How is the EX9200 Resolution?

Now, I am told that this is in 1080p, and it looks like it on my wall. I will have to say with the lights off, it feels like you have another TV in your room, and if that is what you want, this has it.

I’m told that it has 3X Higher Color Brightness, and I am going to just agree with that. Right now, I’m looking at my computer, and looking at a mirrored projection on my wall, and the projection looks a whole lot brighter. Brighter might be the operative word as it has with 3200 lumens.

I’m going to talk about the sound now. I had it connected to my computer, and I couldn’t hear a thing. Of course, I have to unplug my headphones, and then I reconnected it. I had to admit that the volume was loud on a setting of “1”, and when I had it set for louder, I had a little feedback, but it was set to my computer running a 1990s show, so that could be the issue.

Was the Epson EX9200 Simple To Use?

I am by no means a “projector virgin”. Most of the time, I use the VGA computer cable, but this one had ports for all kinds of things including one for the USB. All I did was insert the USB cable into my computer and then into the project and I had my computer projection before I knew it.

Now, I was told that I could just hook up my smartphone or tablet to this thing and I would get content from my mobile device onto whatever I was projecting. That didn’t really happen, but my phone is the HTC 10, and it didn’t look like the projector recognized it.

Also, it is possible to link content to the projector wirelessly, but this wasn’t as easy as it said it would be. Apparently, I was supposed to scan a QR code, but I couldn’t quite get it to work. At least, not in the few minutes or whatever.

Final Evaluation of the Epson

So yeah, perhaps not so easy to use, but this is for the more advanced features. I will have to say that you might want to whitewash your walls for this to get the full effect, and perhaps connect it to a stereo. I would rate it at 4 out of 5 stars for use in business or pleasure.

It is available on the Epson site for about $799.99.