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Geekscape Tech Review: Autonomous AI SmartDesk 2

Thursday 9th February 2017 by GadgetMan

We were able to try out the brilliant SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous AI. Check out our experience with set-up and other features of the desk.

The SmartDesk 2 is a desk that can transition from a regular desk that you sit at to a standing desk. This happens all with the pressing of a button.

Autonomous AI was gracious to send a product for us to review. The desk was shipped to us in two parts. The first part was the large surface area, and the second box contained the base of the desk and the motor that powers the desk.

Assembly was simple, but took a while. It took about two-and-a-half hours for me to assemble on my own. The assembly of the legs required the simple insertion of thick bolts with the square bolt wrench (conveniently included in the package).

Inserting the legs into the top of the desk was probably the most difficult task. There are holes marked where you insert the legs and screw them into the wood, but the assembly allows to adjust the width of the legs.

This part was a bit confusing, but in the end, I just chose a width that lined up with the holes. Adjusting the width of the legs was step 2, but that didn’t really come into play until step 12, where I had to adjust the width of the legs again to make it fit.

I found the same problem concerning the driveshaft. This particular part joined the motor on one leg with another mechanism on the other leg so the desk can be raised or lowered. I believe the driveshaft should probably be put on last, because it had to be taken out in order to screw on the top in the center of it.

In my opinion, you might want to not follow the order of the steps in the instructions provided. The good news is that even if you are not a master desk builder, like me, you will probably be able to get it working as soon as it is plugged it in. The controls simply screw in on the front of the desk.

The desk is able to hold a lot of weight. The Home Edition Frame holds up to 220 lbs, while the Business Edition Frame can hold up to 300 lbs.

So the real question is whether or not you want a standing desk. There was a recent Family Guy sketch that I felt addressed the issue of how standing desk people relate to “chair-people” that you can watch here if you want to laugh.

The adjustable SmartDesk 2 is available with a lot of customization. For example, you can decide how you want the top, square, or something more ergonomic with a section in the middle. We got the white top, but it also comes in Black, Walnut, White Oak, and Bamboo. You can also pick the color of the base legs.

Something we hope to review in the future, are the additions that can be added on to the desk- like the ability to wirelessly charge your cellphone on your desk, and the ability to talk to your desk, and it will talk back to you- like Siri and Alexa. That gives a price hike in the desk of another $75 for wireless charger, USB charger, bag organizer, and speaker, and another $150 will get the AI personal assistant and ability to control your smart home devices and use apps on your phone with the desk. That option is sold out at the moment, but it would be really interesting to have.

The price varies for the different styles. The cheapest one is a plain white design with basic tabletop area for $399, and others with a larger area and higher priced wood at $599. We were very satisfied with our desk, which you can purchase Autonomous AI site.