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Geekscape Tech Review: Autonomous AI ErgoChair

Friday 10th February 2017 by GadgetMan

To go along with the review of the Autonomous AI SmartDesk2, we are reviewing another product from the same company that was sent to us to try out when the desk is not in a standing position. This fabulous product is called ErgoChair.

The time to set up the ErgoChair was much more expeditive to assemble compared to the Smart Desk 2. It took less than an hour- compared to the hours spent assembling the SmartDesk 2.

Luxury and pleasure are good words to describe what it feels like to sit in the chair. The back has a cushion specifically in the lower lumbar area, which is a good place for support for many of us with back issues. The neck/head rest is comfortable enough to lay back and doze off, so perhaps you might need to use the standing position of the desk often.

The ErgoChair has a variety of points for adjustment. The armrests slide up, down, left, right, front, and back. One lever in back controls the chair to either lock it in place, or give the option of leaning back a ways. The headrest can lean back as well as extend upwards.

The main website says that the chair has ‚Äúcustomizable tilt tension to perfectly balance your weight, seat position can be locked or unlocked for flexibility or maximum support.”

This chair is one that we would recommend for geeks, and in general, people who sit at a desk all day. You can purchase the ErgoChair on the Autonomous AI website for a price range of about $249-$299, with a variety of colors to choose from. Go check them out yourself!