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Geekscape Roundtable: Our 2017 Holiday Wishlist!

Wednesday 6th December 2017 by GeekscapeStaff

The holiday season is here, and regardless of the exact holiday that you plan on celebrating this year, we know that you’re just in it for the presents (well, and the family/friends, and the food, and some other things too, but mostly the presents).

Instead of doing a traditional gift guide (if your giftee likes x, get them y, etc), we thought we’d take another route:  tell you what we‘d want for our holiday gifts. You know our writers, so chances are that if you need to pick up a gift for someone similar, they’ll probably be into the same stuff!

Here goes! Enjoy, and be sure to let us know what gifts you’re hoping for in the comments below!

Karson Braaten

Despite there being a ton of cool hardware to wish for this year (Nintendo Switch, iPhone X, Xbox One X, just to name a few) most of what I wish for lives in the digital realm…

Audible Subscription

Every year Santa spoils me with the Platinum Annual plan which gives you credits for 24 audiobooks! At $229 it isn’tt the cheapest of gifts ($10/book is a great deal though), but I listen to it every day. I crush through a ton of books in a year and I never feel negative stuck in traffic or a line up because I’m listening to a book. Looking for a recommendation? Stephen King’s IT is unreal. The narrator’s voice is haunting. Really want to commit? Dive into Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive!

Chemex Coffee Filters

I purchased Chemex 8-cup coffee maker in the fall and am still loving it! I don’t know the ins and outs of coffee brewing, I just know I like the taste of the coffee it makes and I like the ritual of making it.

Marvel Unlimited

Somewhere in the middle of the year I took a huge step back from comic books. Spending, book quality, time to read, my thoughts on the companies were all factors. I’ve subscribed to the service in the past but I think this time it’s going to stick. The back catalog of classic issues is everything I could ask for. I’m interested in current comic book events but I’ll probably just wait for trades.


I’m also taking donations from my family for a few months of my gym membership and a few different programming books I’ve wanted. If you’re ever unsure of gift ideas, just take a look at what monthly subscriptions you have and ask for that!

Matt Kelly

The best gift I got myself this year was MoviePass. I love film but I always hated the hassle of going to the movies, trying to get a group together, scheduling, paying $15 per ticket, etc etc etc

In the end I was only seeing about 3 movies a year. This November I purchased MoviePass and ended up seeing 8 movies in a month. Not only has it re-ignited my love of the theatric experience but it’s also gotten me to start seeing movies alone which is one of the most relaxing things imaginable and I hate that it took me 32 years to start doing.

Additionally this year I finally caught up with the rest of Geek culture and started reading Bone. I crushed the first 3 volumes in 2 weeks and am holding off on buying more in case friends or family wants a good quick easy gift for this sexy gorgeous geeky man!

Stranger Things Season 1 – Yes you can watch this on Netflix but the collector in me NEEDS this mock VHS case that the DVDs come in. It’s a great season of TV and this is one of the most brilliant packaging choices I’ve ever seen.

Derek Kraneveldt

Doom VFR

This game looks so freaking cool. I had the Playstation VR on my Wishlist last year, and was lucky enough to obtain one just after Christmas.

The thing is incredible. I’ve played had some incredibly memorable gaming experiences on the platform (20 minutes of Resident Evil VII at a time, FarpointKeep Talking and Nobody Explodes with friends yelling instructions at me, freaking Skyrim), and as the platform continues to evolve, I simply cannot wait to see what other games and experiences are in store for us.

One of those experiences is Doom VFR, which looks insanely fast-paced, terrifying, and super slick and stylish. I still haven’t even played last year’s Doom, but I’ll be playing this iteration as soon as possible.

Xbox One X

Earlier this year I grabbed a (low end) 4K television, and after upgrading my Apple TV to the 4K model early this fall, I saw the high resolution future for the first time.

The Xbox One is the most-played console in our household, and we’re still using the unsightly, definitely-showing-its-age first generation model. Things like navigating menus, opening apps, and the like are pretty freaking slow at this point, but more importantly a ton of the games that we already have (and a ton more that aren’t out yet) would simply look and play SO much better on this newer console.

Yeah it’s pretty expensive, but can you really put a price on moderately better looking versions of the same games?

Turns out you can, and it’s $600, and I want one.

A Taylor Swift Concert In Vancouver

I’m a HUGE Taylor Swift fan. I’m loving the new album so far (I’ve somehow managed to purchase several copies of it), and it’s been pretty much on repeat since it first hit iTunes last month.

Sadly, Swift’s recently announced tour is largely ignoring Canada this time around. There are two shows in Toronto… and that’s it. The 1989 tour a few years back sold the 54,000+ seats of Vancouver’s BC Place, so I was pretty surprised not to see another show in my neck of the woods.

There’s a show in Seattle, but heading to this performance looks substantially pricier than going to a show up here instead. Rather than just ticket, we’d be looking at more expensive tickets (in freedom dollars, too), a hotel, food, gas, time off work, etc. In my current state of financial ruin, it’s just not going to happen.

So Taylor, if you could just announce a Vancouver show, that would be really, really great.

WWE Network

Yeah, I already have a subscription to the WWE Network, but if you’re buying presents for anyone who is anything like me, the network would quickly become their most used streaming service.

Seriously, it’s my most used streaming platform, and I subscribe to most of the available services in Canada. Between all of the classic content new original content (including incredible docu-series like WWE 24), and how-did-this-get-made content (WWE Legends House) there is limitless entertainment here that could sports entertain almost anyone.

A Vacation

I’m tired, stressed, burnt out, and would freaking love a break from real life. Need I say more?

Courtney Dossett

Cat Ear Headphones

Okay, so I know that literally every basic white girl has these, but I feel like that just justifies them being on my list even more. I never have enough headphones, and the cuter the better. While the speaker-ears (yes, you can play music thru your kitty ears), probably wouldn’t get much use, they are super cute and help solidify my cat-lady status. Noise cancelling is a definitely must for blocking out the world while you game or binge on Netflix, and they’re rechargeable with a 5 hour long battery life. You can pick up a pair (for you or me!) on Amazon for $78.

Cell Phone Camera Kit

I’ve been doing a lot more phone photography this last year during class field trips and the lab. Having a little kit like this would go a long way towards making my life easier while geeking out over sea lions, baby whales, sea stars, and fishies. This kit comes with a 12x zoom telephoto lens with manual focus ring, fisheye lens, macro lens and wide angle lens, and is only $25 on Amazon.

Doctor Who Wool Duffle Coat

Now that I live in the land of perpetual rain, I need good coats that keep you warm and dry. This Dr. Who inspired coat from Her Universe is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a subtle nod to the Who fans, but not so over-the-top that you couldn’t wear it as a jacket on a nice night out. This beautiful wool blend overcoat is currently $79.92 on the Her Universe site.

Nintendo Switch

I’ve wanted a Nintendo Switch since the Geekscape guys pre-ordered theirs during our podcast, but my poor college student budget hasn’t been able to work it in. I have gotten to play a few games with Shane – keep reading for my dream games list for the Switch! (retails for $300)


This game is a lot of fun to play with friends, and I could see myself not only playing with people my own age, but my smaller cousins and friend’s kids as well. Who am I kidding, I’d probably end up playing by myself most of the time, but the game is still amazingly fun! (Retails for $30)


I already have Skyrim for my PC, but the idea of being able to play Skyrim on the go is just too alluring (yes, I know you can play on a laptop, but I don’t have one). I’m not a fan of long plane rides or car trips, and being able to re-do all my side quests, and maybe finally finishing the main quest in Skyrim while being stuck in a car sounds like the best way to deal with boredom. (Retails for $60)

Josh Jackson

PlayStation VR

Yeah, I know I’ve been down on VR in the past, but that was before Neptunia VR existed.

You see, MegaDimension Neptunia VIIR comes out in February of next year, which means I’ll finally get to be face to face with Gamindustri’s Best Girl and 2015’s waifu of the year, Nepgear. That means that PSVR is now a must own, but sadly, I still think it’s a bit pricey. But if anyone wanted to buy it as a gift, especially for a particularly awesome writer and podcast co-host, then I’m sure they would appreciate it!

Kat and Raven Figma Figures

Gravity Rush 2 came out in January, and has remained one of my favorite games of the year, partially due in part to the endearing leads, Kat and Raven. What better way to celebrate the game with their own Figmas?

Kat comes with her best bud Dusty, and her arm and leg bands that show off her new Gravity Shift forms. Raven appropriately comes with Raven. Show some love for Sony’s most underrated release of the year by adding these lovely ladies to your collection.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Classic Control for the Switch

The Splatoon 2 control was my jam… until the Xenoblade 2 control got announced. Now, we get to search for Elysium in style with my favorite controller design for the Switch so far.

Retailing at an admittedly pricey $75, being able to really feel that HD rumble while you’re settling in on your 100 + hour adventure is well worth it. The red and black design helps it stand out above other controls, with the logo proudly displayed next to the left joy stick. If you’ve been meaning to get a Classic Control or know someone who is, wait no longer! This is the pinnacle of controllers… until the next special design comes out.

Razer’s Dva branded mouse and keyboard

For the PC gamer in your life that plays to win, the recently released Dva mouse pad and pro mouse found exclusively on Razer’s website are the go to gaming accessories. Branded with the logo of everyone’s favorite fictional e-sports queen from Overwatch, the slick designs are only outshone by the optimization both have for your intense gaming sessions. Plus, I hear they can withstand all of the Doritos dust and Mountain Dew spills a person can manage, but don’t quote me in that.

Fire Emblem Warriors Season Pass

Yeah yeah, Breath of the Wild finally released its long awaited final DLC for its expansion pass, which means that our time has been freed up for more important matters… like Lucina in a wedding gown!

In a sea of game of the year contenders like Mario Odyssey, I couldn’t put down Fire Emblem Warriors, logging in about 75 hours before I finally ran out of things to do. With the first of three DLC packs coming out this month however, that relief won’t last for long.

Each pack will come with three new characters and a new history map, the first of which will be Azura, Oboro and Niles from Fire Emblem Fates. Recently shown were new butler costumes for Takumi and Camilla, with the bonus Bride Lucina outfit still being given for buying the pass. There’s seriously no better way to mash one button for hours at a time than with Koei Tecmo’s latest hack and slash game, so even more of it is welcomed.

The YuGiOh Legendary Dragon Decks

Mikaela Maxwell

All I want for Christmas … Oh gosh how do you choose?!

I honestly can’t remember the last time I wrote a wish list, but put it out in the universe and who knows what’ll happen!

In no particular order:

A Wedding Dress

Derek and I have been engaged for almost 3 years now, and it is about dang time we got this wedding thing going! I am not one of those girls who has spent her whole life planning this shindig, so when it came time to planning I kinda freaked out. However, this Fall we have managed to make a plan! So next year (hopefully!) we will finally be tying the knot! A couple of weeks ago I actually went wedding dress shopping for the first time. I was totally terrified and insecure about the whole thing, but it turned out to be a great experience! The dress ladies helped me find dresses that made me feel like a total bombshell! It got me excited about getting married and getting to wear a kickass dress! Though turns out wedding dresses are expensive… who woulda thought?! So if Santa were to leave a dream dress under the tree, no complaints here!

A Sewing Machine

I definitely never thought this would be something that I longed for. However I am finding that there are so many projects I would like to try and having a sewing machine would totally make that possible! I recently have become more and more interested in trying out cosplay for myself, and being able to sew something together seems like a logical first step. I’d also like to try some quilting, I don’t know how quilting works, but I feel like I’ve got some ideas in my head and would like to at least give it a try… that being said, I think a second hand sewing machine will be where it’s at, given that I’ve never really tried these things, who knows if I would actually use it enough to justify the cost of a brand new fancy sewing machine!

A Trip to Somewhere Warm

I consider myself a traveller. Somehow over the last few years I feel like I have kinda lost that little bit of myself. In that time we have done some incredible road trips and had some amazing experiences. However, A trip to somewhere warm and tropical would be amazing and so so relaxing. I even kinda wanna try the resort thing where you just lay around the beach/pool etc and just enjoy having zero responsibility. On the other hand it would also be amazing to throw our stuff in a some back packs and go to somewhere totally out of our comfort zone and experience a totally foreign culture. Or even heading over to England to see my greatly missed family and meet the new little ones would be a dream… Basically anywhere, a trip to anywhere, would be perfect.

A Personal Trainer

A little over a year ago life fell apart. Since then getting out of bed and making it to work/the couch have felt like a real accomplishment most days. Needless to say this has been less than ideal for the waist line. I keep talking about needing to make a change, but have yet to actually do so. Now with the possible wedding date looming in the near future I have an actual goal/deadline/reason to be motivated to make a real change. I also have no idea of how to really make that change. A little guidance would go a long way for this gym shy girl who gets awkward when she thinks you can tell she is sweating…

Picture Frames

This one actually seems like a practical request! There is something about having art on the wall that helps turn a house into a home. Derek has brought home Mondo and various other prints from SDCC and other conventions over the years, and I have some some amazing paints gathered from my trip to Nepal a few years ago. We are lucky to have so many amazing pieces of art that I would love to be surrounded by on a daily basis. However we don’t have frames for most of them, mostly due to awkward sizing. It would be amazing if I didn’t have to deal with figuring out sizes (or pricing) and all of the required frames just showed up under the tree!

There are other more practical things that I would appreciate as well, like my audible subscription (which was my most valuable purchase of 2017), Sephora gift cards, Gas cards, someone to do a deep clean of my house… but those are far too practical and aren’t nearly as fun to wish for as the ones listed above!

What are you hoping to unwrap this Holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!