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Geekscape Reviews: ‘Major Crimes’ Season 6 Premiere

Tuesday 31st October 2017 by Alexandra Gallarza

The sixth and final season of TNT’s Major Crimes kicked off on Tuesday night. While there were no goblins or ghouls lurking around the squad room, there was plenty to be scared of.

The ‘Sanctuary City’ arc starts when three boys go missing from a school field trip. Each of them are considered critically missing for one reason or another. The need to find these boys is magnified when their personal lives begin to be investigated by the Major Crimes Division. It’s a race against the clock and by the end of first part of this story arc, the fate of one of these ‘St. Joseph’s Three’ is revealed.

The theme of this arc is Faith. Faith is tested when the boys, who are missing from a Catholic School, and the team wonders what makes it a Major Crime. A question that is answered week after week. The parents put their faith into the Major Crimes team to find their sons. The team puts their faith in each other to do their jobs and set their personal beliefs aside.

While the ‘Saint Joseph Three’ are the main focus of this first arc, the imminent return of serial killer Phillip Stroh, played by Billy Burke, is set into motion. In this week’s episode, Andrea Hobbs (Kathe Mazur), the Deputy District Attorney tells Sharon (Mary McDonnell) about a new pattern that has come to light. Hobbs proposes precautions that would keep Sharon’s adoptive son Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin), and other potential victim’s safe. Despite being the primary witness in the Stroh case, Rusty is apprehensive about the idea proposed and as Sharon tries to present the facts to him, the moment is interrupted with a break in the case.

Joining the cast and crew is Jessica Meraz, who plays Detective Camila Paige. Detective Page has transferred to Major Crimes after working with Assistant Chief Leo Mason (Leonard Roberts). Roberts is back as Leo Mason, the newly appointed Assistant Chief. While Roberts is not new, his character is new to the job. Roberts does an excellent job at showing the ups and downs that Mason has with the position.

Be sure to check out the next installment of Sanctuary City and to see what unfolds in the case of the ‘Saint Joseph Three.”

Major Crimes airs every Tuesday at 9EST/8CST on TNT. Take a look at the trailer for the season below.