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Geekscape Recaps: ‘The Flash’ – Trajectory

Tuesday 22nd March 2016 by jake108

We’re back with another episode of The Flash! That break wasn’t so bad, was it? While we did wait as patiently as we could over the last three weeks, it was nice seeing Team Flash finally connect the dots and see the correlation between Zoom and Jay Garrick. Let’s get to it!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! 


Even when Zoom’s not around, he’s still screwing things up for Team Flash. A few weeks back, when Caitlin was still developing a serum to help Jay/Zoom gain more speed and stop his cells from decaying, she asked a friend of hers at Mercury Labs for help. Mercury Labs has shown up in the show before and it’s understandable that Caitlin would use contacts there for help. What she didn’t expect was her colleague taking the Velocity-9 herself.

the Flash 216 Trajectory

Trajectory is an interesting case because through her, we are able to sort of peer into the beginnings of Jay/Zoom. If taking the Velocity drugs has the same, or nearly the same effects on everyone, then we can assume Jay/Zoom went under some kind of transition. The transition we saw tonight presumably started with a sort of split-personality disorder, where the other personality craved the Velocity serum. This turned the subject into a sort of speed junkie that only craved the serum. While Zoom had been masquerading as Jay during the duration of his stay at STAR labs, he may have told a number of half-truths. For instance, when he confessed to Caitlin that he was indeed a speed junkie, he could’ve been telling the truth. The fact of the matter is Jay said he was a chemist on Earth-2 and was actively looking for ways to increase his speed. His addiction only grew and thus, Zoom was born. We’ll get to more on that a little ways down…

Trajectory vanished as she ran from Flash at the end of their fight. Either she became one with the Speedforce, or she simply disintegrated. Still, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Trajectory.

Jesse Quick

We got one step closer to seeing Jesse Quick tonight. While she was injected with a pure form of Velocity-9, it was said that they were able to get the serum out of her bloodstream and get her back to good health. Afterwards, there was no clear sign that she had speedster powers, but maybe it’ll take some time to take effect.

the Flash 216 Jesse

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Jesse return to Central City just in time to help out Team Flash in battling Zoom.

Opal City

After learning just what her father did in an effort to protect her, Jesse decided it was time that she move on and live life on her own. The interesting thing here is that she purchased a bus ticket to Opal City. This city isn’t known for much, other than playing host to generations of Starman.

the Flash 216 starman

Using his intelligence and wealth, Ted Knight developed a rod that granted him the power of flight, concentrated blasts of radiation, and the ability to defy gravity. The first iteration of Starman was a part of the Justice Society of America.


We know Velocity-9 can have an effect where a split-personality can take over the user completely. Knowing this, there’s a slight possibility that Jay Garrick didn’t know he was Zoom. This would be a more tragic route for the Jay Garrick character. Since Jay was already a speedster, I would think his Zoom personality would come around slower, and more powerful.

The Flash 214

However, it’s also possible that he knew all along and was playing Team Flash for fools. What we do know is that Zoom is dying. This is something we all saw coming, if you’ve been keeping up with the recaps.


That’s it for this week! As always, thank you all for reading!