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Geekscape Recaps: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ – Last Refuge

Thursday 21st April 2016 by jake108

Legends of Tomorrow is certainly ramping up the action as the season draws to a close. Unfortunately for us, it’s that time of year where all of our favorite shows are starting to wrap and we’re on the home stretch towards three season finales. In Legends, we saw some great character development in each of the crew, with the exception of Snart. That’s okay since we already know what Snart is all about and have already gone back to his childhood earlier this season. So what’s going to happen next? Where does this episode leave us in the pursuit of Savage? Well, let’s get to it!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!


In the comics, Pilgrim is a deadly assassin who is proficient in the use of firearms. She also wears a sort of symbiote that grants her special abilities such as invulnerability, super strength, enhanced senses, and time travel. In the show, it looks like her powers may have been provided by her by the time masters. Perhaps her greatest ability was being able to put the Legends in suspended animation.

Legends of Tomorrow 112 Pilgrim

Unfortunately for her, she didn’t expect a young Rip Hunter stabbing her multiple times. This lead to her defeat and, well, atomized remains. If they did this to her, I can only imagine what they’ll do when they get their hands on Vandal Savage.


Legends of Tomorrow 112 mick

We got a definitive origin for Heatwave this episode. As it turns out, the death of his parents was an accident, but an accident that could have been prevented. Rory eventually went back to try and talk some sense into his younger self, something that we might see pay off in the long run. Who knows, if Mick and Snart develop some compassion, they could do some real good back where they came from, or wherever they end up.


Legends of Tomorrow 112 Rip

As explained in the show, the Refuge is a place where a sort of foster mom raises future time masters. The refuge is hidden in time and apparently the time masters continually forget that it exists and do not have the foresight to see that they have a traitor in their midst. It was nice to see where Rip comes from, but disappointing at the same time. In the comics, Rip Hunter’s father is Booster Gold. Booster Gold became a hero using tech stolen from the future. Eventually, Rip Hunter recruits him to help restore the time stream, while keeping their relations a secret.

What’s Next

Legends of Tomorrow 112 team

Well, since the Legends are “out of time,” that leaves the team no choice but to hit Savage at the height of his power. While this sounds like a terrible idea, it’s the only option they have at the moment. The next few episodes should see the Savage arc come to a head with a definitive conclusion.

That’s all for this week! Thanks for reading!


Jacob Lopez has been writing for Geekscape since April, 2008. He is also a graduate of USC's School of Cinematic Arts program. When he's not writing, he's probably watching LOST or playing video games. XBL Gamertag: jake108