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Geekscape Recaps: ‘Arrow’ – Monument Point

Wednesday 11th May 2016 by jake108

We’re back with another recap of tonight’s ArrowMonument Point wasn’t just an episode that was actively setting the stage for a Darhk vs. Arrow bout. It also served as a pivotal point for Team Arrow, which is something they’re probably going to remember for the rest of their lives. So without further ado…

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! 

Monument Point

What may come as a surprise to some, Monument Point has served as a plot device in DC lore, previous to appearing in Arrow tonight. Unfortunately for the city itself, it’s no stranger to disaster.

Arrow 421

In tonight’s episode, Team Arrow, I mean Felicity, managed to reroute a nuclear missile so that it would hit 20 miles east of his destination. This destination turned out to be Havencroft, which is a suburb of Monument Point. While Monument Point may be safe from widespread destruction, those living in the city are still in danger of fallout and radiation. It’s quite possible that this disaster will not be ignored by larger entities and may play as a pivotal factor in the next season of Arrow.

All the Best Cowboys…

Daddy issues are frequent in this show, and have been since Oliver watched his dad commit suicide right in front of him. This week, we got a few of doses of daddy-drama when Donna, Felicity’s mom, confronted Lance regarding his lie about knowing the Black Canary’s true identity. After a few stern words, Lance revised his report stating that he knew, and cooperated with his daughter’s heroics. While this may jeopardize his reinstatement in the police force, Lance can at least rest easy knowing he made Donna happy.

Arrow 421 fel and dad

The second dose came when Felicity was forced to contact her father to help save the world. While Noah regarded the whole affair as making up for missed bonding time, Felicity kept their interactions strictly professional. There’s no telling as to what Noah will become after this ordeal. Who knows? Maybe he’ll go live out at that cabin the woods, or rent another cabin somewhere near by. I hear there’s a cabin near Central City that recently went back on the market.


The third dose came when Thea had a run in with her father. Merlyn explained that the only reason why he’s working with Darhk was, of course, to perserve his life, as well as his daughter’s life. To be fair, had Oliver not taking the mantle of Ra’s Al Ghul away from Merlyn, he’d probably be utilizing the League of Assassins to take down HIVE. Still, doesn’t Merlyn have a few loyalists still? Don’t be surprised if they show up at the end of this season.


Darhk wasn’t in much of this episode. However, in the bit he was in, he looked fierce. It’s been properly stated that the reason why Darhk wanted nuclear annihilation, besides being able to rebuild afterward, was because his power thrives on the death of others. Nuclear bombs, of course, are the quickest way to kill people. Since one bomb went off, killings tens of thousands, we can assume that Darhk is mighty powerful right about now.

Arrow 421

There’s really no telling as to what Oliver is going to do now that Darhk is more powerful than he has been all season. Maybe we’ll get another couple of flashbacks as to how he was able to survive that magical situation on Lian-Yu. The two arcs have to be connected somehow, and I’m sure Oliver will probably have one last thing up his sleeve that doesn’t involve learning magic in some back room at a casino.


A.R.G.U.S. was seen at the tail end of this episode helping out Team Arrow. Most of the agents, including the head of A.R.G.U.S. herself, helped by fending off a number of HIVE soldiers. Their presence here is meaningful because it explains why no one is helping out at Central City.

Arrow 421 argus

Zoom has the city under siege with a meta-human army at his command, but I’m sure SWAT has it covered.


Anarky made another appearance this episode, just when I was beginning to forget about him. He’s still hellbent on taking down Darhk, and may prove to be a vital asset to Team Arrow down the line when it’s time to take Darhk down.

Arrow 421 Anarky

Remember, Anarky has been involved in each of Team Arrow’s attempts at taking Darhk down. The last time he was involved, Anarky had kidnapped Darhk’s family, leaving Darhk vulnerable for Team Arrow to come in and find his weak point.

That’s all for this week! As always, thanks for reading!


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