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Geekscape Recaps: ‘Arrow’ – Broken Hearts

Saturday 26th March 2016 by jake108

Arrow is back this week with familiar faces and an old enemy. Overall, I liked this week’s episode, even the courtroom procedural aspect. So let’s get to it!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! 

Damien Darhk

It was odd that he didn’t speak for the entire episode. Instead, he often peered at Oliver, lustfully, I might add. I mean, look at him!

Arrow 416 Darhk3

Arrow 416 Oliver

Darhk seems to have had an alternate identity set up so that he could evade the court system and flee the country. However, what he wasn’t counting on was Captain Lance’s testimony. Still, being the Darhk he is, we saw him enact what looked like to be Plan C: Another mystical artifact that will presumably give him powers. We can’t say we didn’t see this coming, but the fact that he had the ring in his mouth for who knows how long may provide some insight as to why he didn’t really say anything.

Arrow 416 Darhk1

Darhk seems like he is in control, even in a prison cell, so there’s really no telling what this ring can do. Still, I think he’s going to require a little bit more help than just putting a ring on. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be able to control guards with it or something.

Arrow 416 Darhk

Also, keep in mind that Darhk is in Iron Heights Prison, a prison with a wing that houses meta-humans that Team Flash captures.


Arrowverse’s very own Harley Quinn made another appearance tonight and reminded us of the good ‘ol superior Suicide Squad days. Let’s all take a breath and reminisce.

Arrow 416 Cupid

Cupid presumably escaped Taskforce X, aka the Suicide Squad, around the time Amanda Waller died. Or maybe Waller lost track of her and kept it on the down low and was ultimately killed before letting anyone know. The Squad was off the books, so it could be that it’s just taken Cupid a pretty long time to make her way back to Star City to preach her “love is dead” message to its citizens.

Arrow 416 wed

Because she showed up, Olicity fans were treated to a fake wedding between Oliver and Felicity…Well, “fake” depending on who you ask. I’m glad Cupid didn’t go the way of Amanda Waller and Deadshot (RIP), so it’s nice knowing that she has the potential of coming back sooner or later. I honestly wouldn’t mind if she became a member of the Legends of Tomorrow next season.

Oliver and Felicity

Oliver made one last ditch effort to win Felicity over with his vows and was fooled into thinking he had an impact. We found out, along with him, that Felicity in fact did not fall for it and refuses to be in a relationship with Oliver. It would also seem as if she’s having second thoughts about being part of Team Arrow in general.

Arrow 416 Olicity

If she does indeed take a break, it would be fair to assume that break wouldn’t last for very long. As we all know, a death in the Arrow family is incoming, we just don’t know who yet.

Who’s in the Grave?!

Ah, back to our weekly segment of “Who’s in the Grave?!”. So let’s take a look at who’s likely this week.

Captain Lance testified in court against Damien Darhk. While it looks like Ghost activity has died down since Darhk’s capture, it doesn’t change the fact that HIVE is still being controlled by Malcolm Merelyn. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t believe Darhk is going to be the one to take the life of whoever Team Arrow is mourning at the end of this season. Merelyn has an equal opportunity of being the one to murder someone in the Team Arrow family.

Arrow 416 Lance

Darhk will probably make one last stand to try to regain power before being either killed or apprehended by Oliver and dumped on his Lian-Yu prison island. Then hopefully we can get a spin-off series where Deathstroke and Darhk live together on an island filled with mysterious artifacts and portals to hell.

Felicity still remains to be a likely candidate, regardless of us seeing her in the car with Oliver post grave scene. It’s not impossible to believe that Oliver would imagine Felicity sitting next to him and talking to him post-death. I mean, how many times has Shado come back to talk with Oliver?

Still, I think the key players here are Lance, Felicity, and yes, Donna. My money is still on Donna by the way.

That’s all for this week! Thanks for reading!


Jacob Lopez has been writing for Geekscape since April, 2008. He is also a graduate of USC's School of Cinematic Arts program. When he's not writing, he's probably watching LOST or playing video games. XBL Gamertag: jake108