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Geekscape Origins: War Stories From The Comics Shop!

Friday 5th January 2018 by Jonathan

Here’s a special episode to ring in 2018… and you longterm Geekscapists are going to love it as we explore a time before Geekscape! Before there was Geekscape, before there was Geekdrome, before there was college radio… there was my first job: at Westlake Comics And Cards in Austin Texas. Over 2 decades later, I’m joined by my two friends and coworkers, Daryl Beard and Adnan Qureshi, as we share war stories from our time at the shop. From the dangers of Crazy Charlie to mysterious Folgers Crystals cans to hazardous spills to run ins with the cops to camping out for Episode 1 tickets to the girl at the pet store and more, this episode is packed with stories. You’ll either love them or hate them as we take you down memory lane to show you a big stop on the path that led to Geekscape.

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